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White House Seriously Considered Doing Reality Show Developed by Pawn Star Host

Holy f’ing sh*t.

Yeah, this is the United States, it is the White House, the President, and the epicenter of nerve policy in what used to be the power-center of the free world, and yet this actually got considered. We’re left to wonder what semi-sentient head said “nyet.” Surely, it was turned down in Russian, since left to their own devices, this White House would’ve leapt at the chance.

From Rawstory [1] among many others:

But History Channel host Rick Harrison, co-owner of Las Vegas’ World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop and a production company staffer proposed Trump turn his White House into a reality TV show based on the West Wing.


No, this is not April, but there are a lot of fools around, and The Onion was on break when this story came out.

“Schlapp quickly turned the meeting over to Harrison,” and Van Hipp, a former chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party. He currently works as a top Pentagon lobbyist. The two men pitched former White House staffer Cliff Sims on the show.

And they were not arrested for criminal stupidity! Nor were they taken to GW University Hospital for observation. No, they simply made their presentation to real White House people about what they considered a real idea.

The article states that the only “snap” they hit was that the president’s schedule would not allow it. That is an absolute lie, and near proves that the Russians nixed the idea. Of all the people in the White House, it sure seems that Trump has more time on his hands than anyone else.

Another indication there are lies spread throughout the story as to how this got turned down? The worry that there might be the appearance of a conflict in that some of the organizers had ties to conservative organizations (NO WAY!), and thus the idea never got to Trump himself.

No shit? We knew that because had it actually gotten to Trump himself we’d be watching “The Apprentice Dictator, Pawn President” or something equally stupid:

“The realization of all those connections also provided a clue about why Schlapp had come to Sims instead of pitching the president directly,” explained Markay. “She and her husband recoil at any suggestion that they’re using their positions and influence with the president to advance their private interests

Again, indicative that lies are flying everywhere here. Positions of influence advancing their private influence is the bedrock of the Trump White House.

I cannot believe the idea was pitched. I have even less belief that it didn’t happen once pitched. To demonstrate just how fckt-up this White House has become, try imagining such an idea passing by Justin Trudeau, Macron, Merkel, anyone pitching this to Putin would be enjoying polonium pudding right now.

Only here, only Trump’s White House, only in Republican United States circa 2020, could this even be pitched as possible. And we’re all shocked it’s not happening … yet.


Peace, y’all


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