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Receipt Shows White House Staff Ran $1005 Tab at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago: YOU Paid For It

This is truly disgusting. There are many in my community that don’t make anywhere close to $1000 in two weeks for hard work. They are lucky to have $5 left over in the evening to buy a 16 ounce Bud Light, and it’s damn well earned.

But my type of people are not the entitled White House staffers who managed to drink away $1005 over one night at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club. I suppose it is fine for them to indulge in extravagant amounts of way over-priced liquor to keep up appearances if they choose to do so. Except they do not so choose. They much prefer to charge their good time to you, dear reader, the American taxpayer.

This is what dictatorships look like, run by people who believe that they own the nation. Because they now own this nation, this is their right. The profit goes to Dear Leader:

So how do you like them apples?

Yes, the client is the State Department, so you would think that we are dealing with aides to Mike Pompeo, or Pompeo himself.

Or maybe not, it might have been billed to the State Department solely because the costs were incurred during a night (yes, one night of “socializing”) that Chinese President Xi visited Mar-a-Lago, so of course it makes sense that the “State” visit should be covered by the “State Department.”

Now we know why Trump insists upon hosting all these dignitaries at his club and not Camp David or the White House.

We’re not done, by the way:

Is it worth pointing out that the $47,000 did not cover the expense in paying the Secret Service for their “service” in terms of salaries, nor did it cover the local police support, or the trip down there? The $47,000 is nothing but a little “slice” off the top for Trump to pocket. I am absolutely positive that the $47,000 is only the amount for which they obtained receipts. Who knows how much Trump got from the Chinese in side deals. There is always some grease, and Ivanka got those patents.

I find the picture below particularly disgusting, the entitled look on the faces and the over-done opulence, to the point it goes full circle to tacky make me think we’ve returned to feudal times when the king sucked-up the wealth of the nation for his pleasure. The only thing missing is Trump sitting with a greasy mutton chop lifted to his head with a wine goblet alongside. I wonder if he gets gout.

Something about that picture with Ivanka makes me feel extra angry, like the fully believes that she is there on merit and she deserves to luxuriate at our expense. She studied and worked her way up the ladder to the top of the international power circle, her sharp analytical mind is put in service of her nation.

I best shut up or I’ll really rip into her.

Anyway, I thought you’d enjoy hearing how the $1000 that you might otherwise be able to use on kids’ clothing, car insurance, medicine, that $1000 went down the gullets of the better people at Trump’s “club.” Do note that I think there is a $150 (ish) “service charge” on the bill, which means that the waiter at Trump’s “club” is making more in serving one party in the evening than I do with 6 years post graduate โ€ฆ never mind.

We will conclude with some rather obvious observations, as these rules apply to little people:


Peace, y’all


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