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Roger Stone Moves for New Trial Because SNOW FLAKE Trump Couldn’t Stop His TINY THUMBS

Roger Stone is demanding a new trial, after being found very guilty in his first lawful trial. Stone is due to be sentenced on February 20th and is beginning to panic. It looks like he may be getting fitted for the orange one-piece jumpsuit that adorns so many who once worked on the Trump campaign.

Every defendant found guilty at trial moves for a new trial. That isn’t strange at all. The only thing strange is the basis for Stone’s motion, which is related to the following:

It is extremely difficult to get one’s bearings here on this one. The “Justice Department” is that same department that Trump asserts he has the right to reach in and rule over. It is also the same department that represented the plaintiff in the case, which technically also goes by the name “The United States of America” v. Roger Stone.  Hard as it is to believe, the law is such that Trump is on the “United States” side.

The juror to which Trump referred is a woman who was quite upset upon hearing that the president decided to weigh-in on what he believed to be a fair sentence for his “friend.” Perhaps the juror, having heard the evidence and knowing who was involved, was in the best position to lash out: LINK [4]

“Trump was referring to Tomeka Hart, a former president of the Memphis City Schools Board of Commissioners and unsuccessful Democratic candidate for Congress. Hart has identified herself as the forewoman of the jury in a Facebook post, saying she ‘can’t keep quiet any longer’ in the wake of the Justice Department move to reduce its sentencing recommendation for Stone from the seven-to-nine years recommended by front-line prosecutors,

It probably would’ve been best had the forewoman not said anything, but that horse left the barn long before, when Trump decided it was fine for the president to give his opinion as to how long his friend should go to prison.

The problem for Trump is that Roger Stone knows where every body is buried. So if it seems as though Trump is rooting for the criminal in this case – and he is – it is easily explained by the fact that Stone can go to a bank of microphones and start talking about who told him to lie to Congress, what really happened between the Trump campaign, Wikileaks and – perhaps – Russia, and why Mueller wasn’t able to get at the truth. When the president is a criminal, odd things happen within the criminal justice system. Or, Stone could go much further back in time and talk about Trump of the 80s or 90s, just for fun.

We have written over and over here about just how aberrant and wrong it is to have a president discussing or commenting on individual prosecutions. To have one commenting on the prosecution of his friend is over the event horizon weird. It is also clearly wrong, and Bill Barr knows it, having talked about it already. The prosecutors who withdrew from the case also know it is wrong.

There is one last person who knows the degree to which this is wrong. Judge Amy Berman Jackson knows that this is beyond wrong, it is corrupt to the core. Expect Judge Jackson to tear up the new sentencing recommendation by the Justice Department and lean heavily upon the “withdrawn” recommendation to lay a sentence down in accord with the one originally proposed.

She is going to force Trump to pardon Stone, as Trump must do. Trump cannot have Stone sitting behind bars and entertaining interviews about who did what and when, perhaps writing a book in all his free time. Trump can’t have that.

Thus, the most logical ending is that Stone gets a nice 7-9 year sentence as originally recommended, the motion for a new trial will be denied, as they near always are, and if Judge Jackson wanted to really flex some judicial muscle, she might consider ordering Trump to muzzle it with respect to the Stone case. An order threatening contempt of court if he speaks publicly about the case again might be sporty.

All of this will happen so as to put maximum pressure upon Trump to pardon Roger Stone, as he will do. The only question will be does Trump pardon Stone before or after November of 2o2o. The sooner Trump pardons Stone, the sooner Trump can feel at ease about what Stone might say to whom.


Peace, y’all


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