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Rudy Goes Off the Rails: Making Ukraine ‘Documentary’ With Actor Playing Hunter Biden

What the hell is going on here.

Just what we needed. On a day stuffed with deeply cynical and corrupt actions taken, on multiple issues, spanning entirely different departments, we now hear that Rudy is about to flood the zone with a fictional move masked as a “Documentary,” where even an actor is hired to play Hunter Biden – to “tell the story.”

The thinking must be that if it is all told on video as a “documentary,” then it must be true, right? Unfortunately, that will be the reaction of all too many on the right hand side of the equation and those stuck in the middle.

Three Republican sources tell Yahoo News that Giuliani has been showing a trailer for the purported documentary to potential investors that features “footage of former Vice President Joe Biden and actors portraying Hunter Biden and Ukrainian officials.”

This is obscene. Giuliani was not “there,” of the few people that state they know what happened are surely from the corrupt Ukrainians who sympathize with Putin. These witnesses will tell a story they have been paid to deliver the goods. They know what the Giuliani-Trump team wants to hear. Who is funding this effort? We don’t know, which makes it that much more suspicious.

“One of the sources, who watched trailers put together to pitch the film, described it as more of a satirical mockumentary, and less serious than Giuliani and Trump’s previous effort to get Ukraine to investigate the Bidens,” the publication writes.

No matter how mockumentary it might seem to the more sophisticated viewers, there will be plenty of people who find the whole thing worth “considering,” and that is enough to hurt Biden and Democrats.

I want to go back to the funding for a moment. Even “mockumentaries” cost money to make. Giuliani continually states that Trump is not paying him. Fine. I am sure that is true. But someone is, and last week Senator Graham immediately ended an interview upon being asked “who is paying Rudy Giuliani” – the question came right after Graham was asked about the pipeline set up to funnel information from Rudy to Barr at DOJ. Graham simply wouldn’t say, he mumbled some “I don’t know …” and then talked about something else.

The documentary will be part of the disinformation campaign that Brad Pascale has engineered, and it will go out to microtargeted voters, hoping they watch it.

Rudy. A man who is a walking corruption operation.

There are also some that believe Rudy is currently walking into a DOJ trap, and will be arrested soon. From what we’ve seen of Barr’s DOJ, it would seem that is unlikely to happen.

We have a government being ripped apart at the seams, quite intentionally.


Peace, y’all


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