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Short-Fingered Trump Cries on Twitter about Bloomberg and Accuses Him of Having ‘Tiny Club Head Speed’

God help us.

This is the state of American leadership right now, under the insanity of Saddam Trump.

Does a mentally well person put out a tweet like this, in the middle of the morning, as  president of the United States, whose time is supposed to be some of the most precious on Earth?

What. The. F*CK. is happening here?

This is surreal. The president isn’t “working,” he’s sitting around on social media bullying people, not “being best.” Is Trump talking about his tax cuts, the economy or any other sort of issue in this “campaign commercial” or whatever purpose this tweet is supposed to serve?

No, “tiny club head speed”! This is insanity.

The president of the United States believes it is important to factor in that he is apparently “taller” than Mike Bloomberg. (Though I think that picture is misleading). Why height or club head speed is supposed to matter escapes me right now. But it definitely matters to Donald Trump, which I have to believe is indicative of some kind of pathology. Freud would have the time of his life having Trump lay down.

Trump’s height must be the only thing he really has with respect to comparisons to Bloomberg, because he can’t use his favorite measuring stick:

It is exceedingly stupid for any candidate for president to bring up “looks” as if one’s general build or appearance is relevant. But with Trump, it becomes nuclear fusion stupid to be commenting on anyone else’s appearance or build:


Trump runs a huge risk trying to critique one’s appearance.

The picture that I am going to end with isn’t really fair, we all could be spotted doing something that makes our appearance look ridiculous. Additionally, I think fat-shaming is not cool at all. BUT, because Trump fat shames every single woman out there, even extremely healthy looking women like his own fcking daughter (!) Tiffany, Trump is going to get it here with both barrels.

Does Trump really want to talk about “tiny” and “club head speed”?

Hey, you get that weight behind any “club” and the energy will explode out at the speed of light. It is physics. There is a lot of mass just waiting to get behind a ball, hundreds of kilograms.


This is the president, and this is how he spends his day.


Peace, y’all


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