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Trump Campaign Built a $1 BILLION Data and Social Media Machine Called ‘The Death Star’ — and We’re in Trouble Folks

Exploding out from several news sites, including the Atlantic’s original report out today, [1] the Trump campaign and Brad Parscale have manufactured a “machine” of computer databases, mimicking the Russian-based one that helped Trump last time, only this time they have harnessed exponentially more power and have had a practice run in 2016.

You need to read this because this machine involves you, personally. We have tens of thousands that read Flare on a daily basis, and they have data on each of you, of course, me included. We are cornered.

Coppins calls it “the most extensive disinformation campaign in U.S. history.”

And how could it not be? According to the article, the Republican National Committee, which has merged [2] with the Trump campaign, even sharing office space, has collected thousands of identifying details about you. Not the royal you — you specifically, if you’re registered to vote, around 5,000 data points for “each voter in America“!!

It is happening, we are being taken over, manipulated and they have us read 100%. They know you’re reading this, and how you’re likely to vote, on a level of which even you don’t know. Each reader here is likely set aside as unreachable, people that will not be voting for Trump. Thus they will not invest time and money in manipulating you. You will be left with actual real news, and fighting with neighbors and their alternate reality.

It leaves resources to twist and turn those people that have no real idea what’s happening and subject to extreme manipulation.

Brace yourself, because this is horrific. One of the goals is to sow outright confusion. They are planning to invent an alternative reality, literally. They also have an obvious Darth Vader to carry out the plan:

Insanely, Facebook has opened its doors and welcomed Trump’s Death Star into our time lines. Mark Zuckerberg’s stupefying decision [3] to allow deliberately false political advertisements on his increasingly toxic platform, combined with the RNC’s data-mined information about you, will allow Parscale’s super-weapon to drill directly into our news feeds with microtargeted lies designed to cattle-prod us into action (or into inaction, as the case may be). Zuckerberg, Coppins notes, thinks his library of ads will help watchdogs to identify the false ones, but Parscale knows that excuse is completely bogus.

This literally is “stop the presses” stuff. They will invent fictional news sites, reporting on fictional polls that show Trump winning. They will invent fictitious news stories that “find” voter fraud orchestrated by the Democrats – BEFORE the election, all to “sow confusion.” My prediction above is just that, putting meat to the bone of their goal and how they will do it.

Part of the goal here is to destroy the traditional press, be it print, internet or television news. The concept is as old as the oldest authoritarian regimes: If facts are dragged down to the same level as propaganda — if all content is disinformation — then none of it is. Likewise, Trump and Parscale are deploying “swarms of surrogates” to attack and dox unfriendly members in the press, a process Donald Trump Jr. has been more than happy to help with. In one case, Trump surrogates doxed a Business Insider writer who irritated Junior, so the machine swung into action, nearly costing the writer his job. Worse yet, the 2020 machine will apparently also target local TV newscasters who don’t toe the pro-Trump line.

Now I feel threatened on a modest sized blog. We grow by the day. We are getting big enough to attract attention, but even you personally are targeted already.

This blog always respects the bounds of “fair use” in the internet with respect to copyright. I cannot lift more from the article itself. I simply encourage everyone to read the original article when you have an opportunity, and then send this and the article literally everywhere, to everyone.

If you need a concrete example of what is being created, the Death Star has already established “The Arizona Monitor,” and “Kalamazoo Times,” with official-looking platforms, the entire appearance of solid “local media” to micro-target people in Michigan and Arizona, two swing states. These websites will be 100 times better than the kooky, dumbass fake news sites created in Belarus, which created the entire “fake news” movement. This will look and feel like “real news” and it will create a very unreal “reality.”

Meanwhile, Trump will be screaming about “fake news” the entire campaign, pushing people into believing the alternative reality, the “LIE” they are creating. It is propaganda that is buttressed by one billion dollars of computing power, and hundreds of millions of data points from Facebook and other platforms.

This is soul-crushing. This is a new development that the Trump campaign tried to hide. They failed. It is now exposed in a seismic revelation that all need to hear. Please, if you send one story here to anyone, link this which links to the original article.

God help us all. I am shaking.


Peace, y’all


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