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Trump Just Told Lindsey Graham to Change Term Limits So He Can Serve as President for 25 Years

Donald Trump is currently holding a rally in South Carolina, which is pointless because he’s already won the S.C. primary, since the state wouldn’t allow any other Republicans on the ballot.

So, Trump is holding this rally just to troll the Democrats…screw uniting the country.

Trump has been in rare form tonight, slurring and screwing up words, and complaining about Democrats.

Trump began the rally by saying: “All I can say is that the fake news just doesn’t get it!” He says the fake news media still don’t get it. He says jobs are booming, incomes are souring, factories are returning, poverty is plummeting, confidence is souring, and the military is being rebuilt. He says the radical left Democrats in DC are “trying to burn it all down.” Trump says they have spent the last three years to “erase your ballots and overthrow our democracy.” Trump says they have exposed the far-left’s corruption and exposed their sinister schemes. He says let’s see what comes in the next couple of months.

All lies, but what else is new, right?

Trump then went on to say Democrats have “politicized the coronavirus.” He says “they have no clue” because “they can’t count their votes in Iowa.”

The president then said coronavirus is a hoax, which is definitely is not.

Trump then went on to suggest he wanted to violate the Constitution and serve more than 8 years. He called out to Sen. Lindsey Graham who is in attendance, and asked him to change the Constitution so he could serve for 25 years.



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