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Trump Becomes a RECKLESS Fascist — Floats Arresting Bob Mueller

This is very quickly getting out of control. It is becoming a cliché, and an embarrassing one at that, that we did not see this level of retribution coming from Trump’s need to exact his revenge and reach o to destroy lives that inconvenienced Trump. He is hinting around that he might well ask that DOJ prosecute Robert Mueller, and it is serious, according to The Editorial Board. [1]

Normally such speculation would be utterly ridiculous. Such an act would by a president with blatant disregard for law would be impeached before the weekend. But this president has just been pronounced above the law, he need only believe it is in the nation’s best interests. Now Trump has more pikes and he intends to stuff heads upon them, one of which might be Robert Mueller, a man who Trump despises as much as any.

Mueller is the antithesis of Trump, hard-working, incorruptible, real Republican, and hard working.

Read the Trump tweet below, and you’ll note the extraneous material within that serves no purpose except to mention something Trump sees as “unfair” (all things Trump doesn’t like are “unfair”):

Congratulations to Attorney General Bill Barr for taking charge of a case that was totally out of control and perhaps should not have even been brought. Evidence now clearly shows that the Mueller Scam was improperly brought & tainted. Even Bob Mueller lied to Congress!

Of course, this comes on the tail of a tweet that got the recommended sentence for Stone reduced such that four DOJ career prosecutors slammed their pens down and said “fck this” as they very publicly told Barr to do it all himself

So how are Barr and other loyalists in DOJ supposed to read the Trump tweet about Mueller “improperly bringing” the investigation and “lying to congress,” which just happens to perfectly match one of Stone’s charges.”

If Trump has yet to decide, he is leaving the door open.

We have long since left the United States, one nation under the law, pledging allegiance to the flag and the constitution. This is Trump’s America and for now, the federal government will break any rule to satisfy Trump’s insatiable need to revenge himself and terrorize the law abiding people opposed to him.

That he believes he does makes sense, though. His interests are now the national interest. His friends are our friends. His enemies our enemies. A president can’t break the law when the president is the law. He can’t obstruct justice when he is justice.
He is not the law, he is must more powerful than any law. He is the supreme leader who need not acknowledge the idea of law.
I predict that any attempt to go after Mueller, a hero among the intelligence and DOJ will lead to an insurrection of the type not seen previously. Whether it ends up doing any good is another matter.
Peace, y’all
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