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Trump Stops Speech to Border Patrol to DEMAND Praise: ‘Say Thank You, Mr. President’

While Trump was down south ruining parts of Texas (See Andrea’s article on ruining man’s lifestyle), Trump found time to give a talk to a room full of Border Patrol agents. From what we have heard of  Border Patrol tactics and priorities, one would think that Trump had a rather supportive audience.

But apparently the agents were not quite supportive enough.

Trump was explaining how he declared a national emergency, and the declaration allowed him to pilfer funds from the military for his damn wall.

Trump then said:

“But when you want to get money for a wall, that most of the people in the Democrat Party wanted five years ago, they just didn’t like it when I announced that we’re going to build it, they were unable to get it build, they had the money but they were unable to get it built, because it takes talent to build things!”

Where to begin?

No Democrats did not want to build the wall. Not five years ago, nor 10 years ago. It did not take Donald Trump for Democrats to oppose the wall.

The reason that Democrats were “unable” to build the wall is that they chose not to build the wall. It has nothing to do with talent. It does take talent to actually put the wall up, but since Trump is not putting the wall up, the only “talent” needed is the willingness to pilfer money.

We do admit that Trump does have a talent for pilfering money from the causes for which it was intended. In most contexts, that’s called stealing, and Trump is fantastic at it.

Trump then had enough and wanted the praise that was his due:

“We got it built!” he said. “And I made your jobs a lot easier! Say, ‘Thank you, Mr. President!’”

The room erupted in applause.

Of course it erupted in applause. Putin can get people to erupt in applause, so can Kim Jong-Un, Saddam used to be able to do it. The room had no choice, they might have been in fear of being “Vindman’d” had they not applauded.

Trump continues to play the role of dictator, he has so many of the behaviors down. Misappropriating money on his own, faux declarations of emergencies, unrestrained nationalism in the form of a wall that isn’t a wall – it’s a fence, self-congratulations and self-adulation, and then the order to acknowledge his greatness.

Yep, he’s getting good at this dictator stuff. “Say thank you, Mr. President…”

No thanks.


Peace, y’all


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