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Trump the Hypocrite Doubles Down on Blame, Ensures More Panic — He Is Back on TWITTER

I do not know, nor does anyone, whether Trump himself will make the virus epidemic itself worse. It looks quite possible given the first cases here. But I am now sure that he will make the economic impact significantly worse than it need be.

In times like this, the country needs assurance that a steady hand is in control, whether the situation is horrific or just dangerous. It doesn’t matter if it’s Pearl Harbor or simply potentially bad, the nation wants to see competence, sober analysis and true care for the American people.

There is always the chance that a perfect government couldn’t control an epidemic, but there is always a chance to make it less bad. There is also no doubt that financial impacts can be mitigated by real leadership.

Shit like this makes things significantly worse. Trump is back to the blame game that does nothing but increase people’s belief that he cannot handle it.

Shut the hell up and get all hands on deck. Don’t tweet. Don’t show your face. Start listening to people who know about how to handle infectious disease instead of hacks, faux economists, and propaganda media.

There is a ton of time to talk about how great a job our professionals are doing later. Right now, no one wants to hear all this damned whining and chest pounding. Not for nothing, but it’s entirely possible for our professionals to do a great job and for you to fck it all up anyway, indeed that is looking more and more likely, since you ordered the plane full of viruses to fly here over the professionals’ objections.

NO ONE is interested in politics right now. The moment I see you do something right, I will be the first to note it, book it. But I am going to call your ass out on every stupid and/or reckless thing you do.

In case anyone doesn’t believe me about putting politics on the backburner, I said at the time and will say it again. George W. Bush did a fantastic job in the one week after 9-11. He calmed the country. He showed empathy, sadness, resolve, and competence. I am not sure that anyone could have done a better job in preventing vigilantism. He got worse after that, but I’ll credit what is worthy of it.

I am as liberal and progressive as anyone. I can put, and will put, politics aside anytime my country is in real danger. It is right now. This criticism has nothing to do with his political bent or even personal animus. It is that he’s fcking this thing up, and I put the economy’s spiral on him, already.

In the time I was writing this column, he has posted this, not kidding:

This is what causes markets to spiral, people to panic, and agencies to question the leadership.

In a time when everyone fears a pandemic, he can’t shut the fck up about “hoaxes,” impeachment and Democrats.

As an aside, we don’t need him in order to rally ourselves, indeed we can’t rely on him. Do what you can to set some politics aside. Talk up prevention whenever around others, do not bring up politics. Cough into your shoulder, not hands. Wash your hands 8x a day with tons of soap. If you feel a cold come on, stay home! Don’t run to the ER until you know it’s more than a common cold, and when you do, don’t delay. When you’re convinced it’s more than a cold, don’t go to your doctor’s office, you’ll just spread it. Go to a hospital where they can isolate you. Stock up some supplies so you’re not running to the store daily. Use Amazon and delivery more. And for gods sake, don’t panic, approach it the way you do any other challenge.

I didn’t make those up. It is what I’ve heard from experts. Let’s all listen and tell others. That is doing a significant part right there. Who knows? You could save a life.

He won’t.


Peace, y’all


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