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Trump Wakes Up in India and Lashes Out at His Own Intelligence Agencies: ‘They Hate Trump!’

This country used to rightly respect the difficult job done by career government employees that defend us – literally the best of the best at what they do, people that could make four times as much money in the private sector – the United States intelligence community, the elite CIA, FBI, the NSA, the best in the world. These brave men and women have saved many lives – we just never hear about the stuff they saved us from, not their style.

They don’t seek publicity. They serve to protect us. Period. That used to garner serious respect, well-deserved admiration, and not just a bit of pride.

“We” still do respect these hard-working people, the best of the best, but their president does not.

Here is “your” president, the one who speaks of himself in third person, quoting a FOX talking head, already twisting the actual facts in a sophisticated propaganda, mind-control effort.

It’s all just .. sigh:

Okay, seriously, WTF? Come on, man. At least “work at it” a little, this is just insulting.

Let me respond:

We heard the real damn report. We know you fcking went nuts because you thought it was going to hurt you. We know that you are so scared of the real intel that you fired a decent respectable man, the mo-fo that gave you the flat truth, something you flat couldn’t handle. We believe our men and women on the front lines, getting that damned information to us. NOT some jackass loyalist on FOX, making it “pleasant” for you.

Seriously, this is what Trump expects. He expects us to believe that this fcker (sorry, it’s late in the evening and I’m particularly pissed about this) this guy on FOX just spouting shit? We’re supposed to now go: “Oh, well – okay, I guess the CIA got it wrong, and now FOX has cleared all this shit up. We totally believe you and that “good” media.”

I don’t even know who “Martha MacCallum” is, but unless she’s the new CIA director or NSC chief, I’m not the least bit interested in her self-serving … and no, I’m not spending the time to even look her up. Not worth it.

This, of course, is all coming from the same man that has been furious with FOX, telling people that “they no longer work for us.” Well, this jackass is “working” for him, same as her, whether on FOX or not.

And, as you know, the tragic thing is that people we used to sort of regard as silent heroes, the people that were never going to be on the front page, but saved lives and defined our real “reality,” are supposed to be “working for you,” and us.

It just happened to not be what you wanted to hear.

What a self-absorbed, brain-dead trickster. Up “late” again (because of god knows what), doing his propaganda thing for the cult.

“Your” president.


Peace, y’all


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