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Watch Kellyanne Conway Spout the SNOWFLAKIEST LIE: Trump Suffers from Two-Tier Justice System!

Having practiced law for 23 years, I can assure you that there is actually a two-tiered justice system. Young white and young black men have near the same chances of being arrested for marijuana possession. The symmetry ends there, as young black men are vastly more likely to have charges filed, be convicted and be sentenced, particularly for jail. The same dynamic plays out all the way up through the more serious crimes.

That is the definition of a two-tiered justice system, and it is real.

Kellyanne Conway, as she often does, has invented an alternative reality in which she makes snowflake Trump the victim of the two-tier justice system. Trump and his people simply can’t catch a break in from the rogue cops in the justice system headed-up by Trump sycophant William Barr: Transcript from Rawstory:

During an interview on FOX News Sunday, host Chris Wallace asked Conway for the president’s reaction to a Justice Department decision not to prosecute former FBI Director Andrew McCabe, who was forced to correct misstatements to the inspector general.

“The president recognizes, as many people do, it feels like there’s a two-tiered criminal justice system,” Conway opined. “If you’re President Trump or people associated with him, those prosecutions have gone one way.”

I suppose it never occurred to Kellyanne or her boss that the criminal justice system is not like network television, where if one goes after one party, there must be equal time to go after the other. If the criminals mostly align on one side, that side is going to suffer more criminal consequences. Try not breaking the law for oh … six months? See what happens.

The Trump campaign and administration is corrupt from top to bottom, it takes a lot of lying and diversion to avoid consequences, and thus a lot of crimes get committed covering up the even bigger crimes.

Moreover, Trump is damned lucky at this point. He committed the crime of the century (at least the one we know about) in extorting Ukraine to get dirt on Joe Biden. Trump’s “two-tiered justice system” allowed him as defendant to coordinate his trial with the jury foreman, Mitch McConnell. Because this two tier justice system exists (reality tier and Republican tier), Trump is still president.

Kellyanne has some real brass to walk onto a TV set and complain about the unfairness of it all. Not that anyone is surprised, whining about the unfairness of it all is what snowflakes do.


Peace, y’all


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