Dennis Prager Blames Liberals for Him Not Being Able to Use the N-Word, ‘It’s Idiotic!’

Dennis Prager is a right-wing radio host that has been in that second tier of rancid right wing radio hosts, just below the Limbaughs, Hannitys, Larsons, that lead the infestation of right-wing AM radio that overruns this country. Prager got into a discussion in which he lamented the inability to use the “N-word,” because the left has “taken over” the nation’s culture.

We will go straight to the video and then pick it up on the other side, as this is just stunning:


Evidently Dennis would put the word to “great” use if only he was allowed by the left, but it’s “idiotic” that he can’t.

From Newsweek:

In response to a phone call to The Dennis Prager Show about racial hate and anti-Semitism in America, Prager addressed a question about why he chose to say “the n-word” before using a slur for Jewish people in a previous segment about the private racism and anti-Semitism of former presidents Harry Truman and Richard Nixon.

“But you mentioned that President Truman used to use the n-word all the time, and then, two seconds later, you followed it up with the word [a slur for Jewish people],” the caller asked ….

….”Because the left doesn’t give a damn about that word. That’s why. The left runs the country in the culture. The Republicans have the Senate and the presidency and that’s very important. But the culture? And the more the left controls the more totalitarian it is. That is not an attack, it’s a statement of fact, like two plus two equals four. It is idiotic that you cannot say the n-word. Idiotic,” Prager replied.


Point of order.

You  can actually say it, Prager. If you truly believe that it is idiotic, and you have a need to say it, you absolutely can say it. After all, as you note, the Right owns the White House and the Senate, so it’s unlikely you’ll be prosecuted. So, please proceed, dumbass.

But with a word that hurtful, and that repugnant, just be ready for the blowback and be ready to suffer the consequences. The Right is into freedom and free markets and all that. Let them go to work!

We should also note that the entire reason that the Right doesn’t own the culture is that there are people like you on the right running around wishing you could use that word more freely.

Thank god the left does own the culture. Though, we do lament that the use of the N-word is apparently a left-right thing. We thought it was rather universal. So, thank you for letting us know that it absolutely still is only the left upholding decency in this country.

It is idiotic that you think you can’t say it. Please do, we want to expose as many of you as possible, and it would be wonderful if you let us know exactly how you feel. It is easier to distinguish between the most hateful and the “medium hateful.”

By the way, we’re pretty sure you use the “N-word” plenty in the right company, you’re not fooling anyway.


Peace, y’all


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