WTF: Former CIA Officer Says Trump Is Essentially Enforcing Loyalty Oath — ‘It Is MIND CONTROL’

This is stunning, but it is also obvious that it’s true – just put into words we are not used to associating with the U.S. government. It is sad, and tragic that we are not “going down this road,” we are there. We are Eastern Europe now, and that’s not an exaggeration, nor a slam on citizens in Eastern Europe, who have as little control as we do. It is that we have an authoritarian government, using all the old Russian and East German tricks.

An ex-CIA officer – a lifer, went on to CNN to give us some hard core reality, and it is just so right on, it’s saddening like a gut-punch, and it’s also an outrage.

Trump’s new demand for loyalty in the United States government is essentially a “loyalty oath,” which works as “mind control” for people inside the intelligence community AND more importantly, it is mind control of the American people – at least some.

“I’ll tell you what worries people in my old positions and it is not just replacing the leadership,” Mudd continued. “When you start embedding staff — and stories about that in Washington — and that is Trump staff going to the places like the director of the national intelligence. That means that you have people with the president’s stamp affecting the message every day. This is mind control. They will try to tell the staff what to tell us and the Congress and this is the problem.”

Yes – obviously, now it is apparent, just needed the right words. We didn’t see it in that specific context – the one that is inseparable from authoritarianism. Now it is in the proper framework.

If Trump’s political staff is telling the national security what to say and do based on politics and not on facts, that could make it impossible for officials on both sides to know what’s actually happening.

Unbelievable – except totally believable. This is who we are now. There might well be a way out, every four years. We have strong institutional structure that may outlast this man and his mission. But that’s not guaranteed.

I have written over and over the years writing columns some words I heard in law school that stuck with me: There is no guarantee that the United States must be the democratic beacon of truth to the world, no “right” to democracy. It takes work, and will power to earn self-government.

We’ll end with an even older quote, “A Republic, if you can keep it.” It is actually on us, not on “Trump” to give it to us. It is on us to wrestle control and demand the democracy that we want.


Peace, y’all


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