AP: Trump is Losing it Over Not Being Able to Hold His MAGA Rallies

Associated Press White House reporter Jonathan Lemire appeared on MSNBC’s Deadline: White House Monday afternoon and reported that Donald Trump is becoming increasingly irritated over not being on the campaign trail and not being able to hold his racist MAGA rallies.

The AP correspondent added that Trump is ignoring advisors and is searching for an economic forecast which he likes to advance him politically come 2020.

“And lastly, the president himself is deeply frustrated,” Lemire stated.

Lemire continued, “That is what our reporting shows – that he has been calling up the advisers at all hours of the night complaining about the economy and trying to find an economic forecast that he likes.”

“He’s frustrated that he’s not able to run the campaign right now that he wants to, against Joe Biden. They thought they could unload their financial advantage to go after Biden to define him now, early in the campaign, like Obama did to Romney in 2012, and Biden could not play catch-up, and of course, he is missing the rallies and the road.”

Lemire ended by stating that Trump, to the contrary advice of his aides, continues to appear at pressers.

“That is why despite a number of the senior aides telling him he should not be appearing at the briefing every day, he insists that he will,” Lemire concluded.

In the Associated Press report, Trump is reportedly crashing White House meetings to contradict health experts.

Unable to travel and unsure of what to do, he’s been crashing West Wing meetings, often forcing staffers to hurriedly adjust agendas as the president frequently gets in the way of health professionals trying to chart a course of action. While some around him have suggested that he should only appear when there is big news to announce, Trump has been missing the spotlight and has told people that he knows the nation is watching the briefings and doesn’t want to give up the stage.

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