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Barely Coherent Trump Addresses Nation With a Scowl and Dour Face, Animates Upon Answering Questions

Trump stepped up to the podium at 3:30 today, to provide us an entirely unneeded update, or at least no one needs to hear from him at this point, especially the way he looks. Trump slumped over the lecturn heavily, speaking barely loud enough to be heard. He had to catch himself twice in the first minute to catch his breath, as if his belt were strapped far too tightly. At times, he looked up, almost as if it was easier to breathe by looking up.

He spoke in a monotone voice lacking any passion, especially as he read from a prepared statement, which included new behaviors to avoid. But one could hardly discern what he was saying, there was no inflection, no pause, no personality to his eyes, nothing animating him at all.

He is still minimizing by saying that perhaps we can get through this in the next few weeks.

He stumbled over several words, mentioned that the vaccines are about to start phase one trials – that is good news – and then stepped back from the podium.

No exaggerations here, he doesn’t look well at all. He has a massive scowl on his face, almost a pout like he cannot believe that people are doing this “to him,” and not focusing on the fact that this will have a much greater impact on the people who get sick, on those who die, and those who lose their businesses.

Trump then stepped aside for his far too bubbly woman whose tone was entirely off, smiling, talking about her two millennial daughters.

Trump then took questions and immediately became more animated. He was asked a question about talking to his son, and what he says because people are scared, Trump went on to talk about speaking to people in California and Washington, and that we have the best people in the world, only at the very end did he mention that he told his son that it was bad. It might have been the first time that I have heard him acknowledge he has a son at home in the White House.

Trump believes that this could wash through by July or August – the markets have gone down 600 points since he began speaking, it was already down 2,000 points and is not down 2,700. Trump believes that getting rid of the “virus problem” will get rid of the economic problems.

Trump actually just said that the media has been very fair!

I am ending on that one, as we’ve entered a new reality – he does look far more alive than when he took to the podium.

Peace, y’all


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