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BOOM: Hakeem Jefferies Calls Out Trump For Spending the Weekend Golfing at His Luxury Club

The Democrats appointed Hakeem Jefferies as an impeachment manager because he knows how to troll the ever living hell out of Trump. Jeffries has had quite enough of hearing Trump talk about the “Do Nothing Dems” while Trump golfs his absorbent undergarments off, then parties it up with big Republican donors in Mar-a-lago, trying to avoid Washington DC where some Coronavirus cases have arisen, all as an excuse to take an extra day to golf (he is back now).

Watch Jefferies unload upon a president who hasn’t been doing nearly enough, except for perhaps providing socialism for the wealthy, which is easy to do when you can put it on the government credit card:

Well there you have it, that is how one should answer Trump’s taunts at every point. There is only so much someone in Congress can do – they’ve already passed an $8 billion dollar package – the leadership needs to come from the top, provided the moron is not golfing.

Pence – who is on my TV – continues to state that the risk to the average American is very low, but the risk to seniors with underlying conditions is very significant. He seems to be splitting the baby. Optimism and realism.

Regardless, the reaction to Jefferies was wonderful:

The payroll tax does sound like a great idea, except how does the government intend to pay for it? Take if from the billionaires? Pffftt please – the billionaires will get far more support than the average family.

No, we do not want four more years of this, provided the country has four more years. Wouldn’t it be typical for Trump to continue rallies and then declare an emergency and cancel elections?

We owe it to ourselves to hear from a Trump supporter, so you can see exactly what they believe. It is stunning to hear an entirely different reality.

The man was working when he was golfing. And never mind that he goes to Florida to milk the secret service for funds in renting rooms at Mar-a-Lago.  Never mind that the rest of Trump’s team is in Washington DC.

The Democrats appear ready to work in DC, wanting some sort of relief for the poor and middle class. The payroll tax cut isn’t paid for and doesn’t help someone who is sick. Get in there and work with the “Do Nothing Democrats,” stop rallies, stop golfing, and start working with the adults.

Jefferies seems to have the message exactly right.


Peace, y’all


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