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CPAC Attendees Furious They Cannot Get Answers: Their Anger Is Shifting From CPAC to Trump Administration

Conservative anger is rising...

Attendees at CPAC are furious that they have been left in the dark with respect to those who participated and ended up testing positive – even if it was just one person. The one person known to carry the Coronavirus was not some regular attendee, sitting in the back, he was one of the few with passes to meet the higher-ups backstage, hence the self-isolation of Ted Cruz and Matt Gaetz. Regular attendees want answers as to why they were not informed through proper channels, and now want real answers.

Rawstory sets out how the dynamic is like everything else the Republicans have ever wanted for society, a two-tier response; one for the high-ups or the people who “really matter,” and a lack of response for the rest, comprised of people who actually don’t:

In interviews with Politico, some CPAC attendees say that there has been a two-tiered response to informing people about exposure to the virus: One for high-profile lawmakers such as Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ), and another for everyone else.

Republicanism for you, right there. Now expand that type of thinking throughout the nation, then add a category of people one lower that wouldn’t be invited at all, and thus don’t count at all and one has the Republican platform, everything can be taken from there.

“CPAC is handling it exactly the wrong way,” said Trump supporter Mike Cernovich. “They told Cruz. They told Gosar but they haven’t told the other people who were in and around the green room.”

Yep. That is what you signed on for. Welcome to the Democratic party.

“What annoys me is CPAC spends the whole fucking email reassuring me that Trump is fine and not anything about the person in question or whether we, who attended are fine,” the official said. “Have something in there about contacting CDC if you have symptoms or something. I don’t care about Trump’s health.”

That is so perfect it should be framed. It is all about Trump – dear leader – and he is fine. Even if you get sick, you don’t understand, you are very expendable. Dear Leader is fine.

CPAC attendees will become furious with the administration, as their anger quickly shifts from the CPAC organization itself to the administration that doesn’t want the numbers to go up. The anger at CPAC will follow the mood of the American public. They will soon go for Trump.

It is coming:

Peace, y’all


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