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#DiaperDon is Trending After Trump is Caught With a Wet Bottom at Tennessee Disaster Meeting

UPDATE: Snopes [1] did their due diligence and determined the “wet mark” on Trump’s pants was actually a shadow. They were able to obtain other angles that show Trump didn’t indeed wet his pants.

Donald Trump made a brief pitstop on his way to Mar-a-Lago on Friday, visiting Tennessee where residents are still sorting through wreckage and seeking to rebuild after a series of deadly tornadoes blew through the state earlier this week. The president landed in Nashville and from there departed by helicopter for Cookeville, in Putnam County, where 18 residents died and dozens more were injured in the destruction Tuesday.

All told across the state, authorities say at least 24 people died in the storms.

“I have a message for the families of those that lost their lives: We love them. They’re special people. It’s an incredible place — incredible state, tremendous heart,” Trump told a news conference Friday in Cookeville, in front of the wreckage of a home. “Already you see people rebuilding.”

Trump also showed off his evil side when he bizarrely told the story of a young boy orphaned by the storms.

“And how did his parents do?” Trump asked the officials standing beside him.

“They were found deceased,” came the reply. “He was the only surviving member of the household. Lost his sibling as well.”

But that wasn’t the story the day.

Later Friday afternoon the Governor of Tennessee Bill Lee tweeted the following photos:

This photo in particular raised some eyebrows.

If you look closely, it appears Trump has a wet bottom.

Now, some have suggested it’s a shadow, but I don’t see it? Like, the light is above. No one else has a similar shadow? Perhaps Trump was sweating, or his diaper leaked, or he had swamp ass. I honestly don’t know.

What I do know is this.

If Joe Biden appeared in public with a wet bottom, every single right-wing publication would be all over it. And yet we are the only one thus far to write about Trump’s wet bottom. Trump and his supporters are trying to make people believe that Joe Biden has dementia. When Biden appeared at a town hall event he had a bloody eye and it was covered by EVERYONE, including Fox News [8].

When Hillary Clinton got weak knees on a hot day while she had pneumonia, it was front page news [9].

Now we see Trump with a soaked ass and we’re not supposed to ask questions? Seriously?

There has long been a rumor that Trump wears diapers. Former Celebrity Apprentice staffer Noel Casler has been sounding the alarm about Trump’s health for well over a year now.

Casler even commented about the photos of Trump’s wet bottom that went viral yesterday:

And before you know it, #DiaperDon was trending on Twitter, and quite honestly, it was hysterical: