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Don Jr. Found Someone Else to Pay (A Lot) For Girlfriend’s Massive Mar-a-Lago Virus-Fest Birthday Party

From the people that brought you stealing from their charity, getting caught, and being legally barred from running a charity in New York, (yet, quizzically, not barred from running the country itself), you cannot be surprised whenever they find a way to get someone else to pay for their luxuriation!

In case you didn’t know, Kimberly Guifoyle, the woman that ripped Don Jr.’s more-than-willing-self, away from the mother of his children, had a birthday last weekend! And for no greater accomplishment than living another year (which, considering Mar-a-Lago’s reputation, might constitute an accomplishment), she got one lavish party thrown for her.

When someone else is paying, I tend to go understated, respectfully spending less than normal. But then again, I can’t play at their grifter level. Nor do I want to.

We drifted.

Someone else paid! The Trump campaign paid. Because nothing says “get out the vote,” like “get out the Dom Pérignon.” According to our friends at Rawstory, [1] and their great full expose, the Trumps pulled quite the “Trump.” And to make it art, they did it while the country got pulled into the grips of the worst epidemic in at least 100 years.

“But when it came to picking up the tab, hands went out to other attendees,” the report revealed. “Among them were at least four whose families are financial supporters of the president’s re-election campaign, for which Ms. Guilfoyle helps lead the fund-raising. They ended up pitching in tens of thousands of dollars, passed along to Mar-a-Lago, to help pay for what two people familiar with the planning said was a $50,000 celebration.”

A hard-working, underprivileged college student could have paid for an entire year of college (at Duke!) for the amount spent in one night on a party. A family of four struggling to get by while being laid off could have easily gotten through the next year with the amount of money they spent on one night’s celebration.

I suppose splurging and spending $500 at Red Lobster like every other red-blooded, red-stated American does for a birthday, was totally out of the question? We wouldn’t even have criticized her getting the rock lobster and all you can eat shrimp.

I never feel much sympathy for any of the Trumps. But damn, Don Jr. had a perfectly “trophied” wife, who happens to be the mother of his kids. No, I don’t feel sorry for her, but I sure think it’s pretty rude for him to dump the mother of his children the moment the curvy Fox bimbo inserts herself, and himself – come to think of it – right into the scene, getting it while the getting is good.

I suppose she should now hope that she didn’t “get it” that good while hanging at Mar-a-Lago, now known as Mar-a-Auger.

Awful people.


Peace, y’all


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