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Dr. Fauci Demonstrates Why Networks Must Stop Broadcasting Trump’s Pressers Live

Trump’s press conference today might go down as the most ruinous of his presidency. He snapped at reporters, he shocked people by disagreeing with Dr. Fauci’s information, and Trump used the press conference to ridicule and insult thousands of critical career servants attempting to guide this nation through the biggest crisis since 9-11, perhaps bigger.

Trump said that he needed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo back at the State Department and dangerously added: “Or, as they call it, the Deep State Department, to do his job.” As Trump referred to the “Deep State,” Dr. Fauci was photographed in a facepalm.

Watch this:

Quite obviously, Trump and some close aides have a deep hatred for all career government officials. Dr. Fauci is one of those officials.

In case there is any confusion as to why Trump has such disgust with career government officials, let’s review the very obvious answer together.

ALL government officials from the top on down, swear an oath to the constitution and nation. Employment in the government specifically rejects the idea that any government employee – even the president – values anything above the constitution. Such a vow implicitly includes allegiance to the nation above all else.

But there are hundreds of sourced reports that Trump insists upon loyalty to HIM before all else. We have seen reports that Trump is currently working on a “purge list,” of anyone not believed to be sufficiently loyal to Trump. We have seen valued career professionals summarily fired for testifying against Trump in the impeachment proceedings.

Career employees work through administrations that are Republican or Democratic, putting the constitution first. It is obvious why Trump hates them. A career employee would be the last person to put loyalty to Trump above all else.

Trump has special hot hatred for the State Department and the Intelligence community. I speculate that his disdain for these people and efforts in Fox Media to encourage distrust of these departments is based upon the fact that Trump has done, and continues to do, questionable foreign actions that put himself above the nation’s needs. Bolton said he believes Trump puts his needs ahead of the nations in international relations. The people in the intelligence community and the State Department would be the first people to know Trump took such actions. Thus Trump does all he can to diminish their power and credibility with conservatives.

Dr. Fauci is a career government official, he swore a duty to the constituiont and the United States first in his duty. He sees Trump insult other career government officials and knows that Trump is loyal to himself first. He sees Trump manipulate Fauci’s messages and downplay the severity of the data for his own political needs. It must leave Dr. Fauci distraught.

There is no one in this nation working harder than the career civil servants – including in the State Department, trying to coordinate messages between all nations impacted and trying to come to proposals between nations to work together in fighting the virus.

Dr. Fauci’s facepalm is an extremely mild response. But it might well have been an intentional sign. Perhaps not a sign to Americans, just his own reaction. But it might well have been a sign; “This is ridiculous and dangerous.”


Peace, y’all


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