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Dumb-Dumb Don Jr: Social Distancing Could Contain Outbreak In Two Weeks

Jesus Christ working on the vaccine, Don Jr. may be dumber or more a more cynical manipulator that Dear Leader.

As a public service, we do remind you that social distancing is one of the most critical tools in the fight against this dreaded disease, and we will also remind you that it was only three weeks ago that Don Jr. was still telling us that stories concerning the seriousness of the outbreak were nothing more than a Democratic attack meant to hurt Dear Leader’s chances in the election.

We will never, ever, forgive him for telling Americans that Democrats were hoping that the disease will kill millions because Democrats want to stop the winning.

That comment alone should set-up an understanding, should over a million Americans die, we will just skip the election and Trump will step down as having failed the country. Amazingly enough, some leaders have stepped down willingly in acknowledgment that they failed their nation at a critical point. Those were stronger leaders than Donald Trump because Trump could handle this as catastrophically as he has for the next five months, and the only way he’d willingly step down is to avoid felony charges – which are not entirely outside the realm of possibility depending upon what evidence is found.

Anyway, we drifted, Don Jr. is back to minimizing this whole thing because he damn well does know that this outbreak is real bad for dad. He gets that it is serious, so he’s now setting this up to blame Americans, not dad:

Two full weeks?

Had he said, “two full months” he would have still been laughably short-sighted. Two full weeks is critical in flattening the curve, each day is critical. But two full weeks will be meaningless if everyone acts like it’s over in two weeks and starts going back to normal.

It looks to me like he is setting up an ability to shift blame away from dad. “We warned people to do social distancing, but they failed to get it done. Too many Democrats wanted to keep this going and …” or something like it.

This guy …

This entire family is just so horrible.


Peace, y’all


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