Eric Trump Slams Democrats Because He Needs His Money — Immediately Gets Blasted on Social Media

I take a perverse delight in publishing stuff on Eric Trump. In part, it is very fun and it lets my freak fly a bit, as he’s a freak so I get to write like one. But I also provide invaluable historical records. These will be needed to study one-hundred-years from now when historians research how it was that much of America blindly following their gods.

See, Eric needs to delete a lot of tweets. They don’t age well. And Eric’s quick on the draw to delete. But we don’t delete stories, no matter how wrong I might be, they stand out there for all of eternity. So, this is our historical record from yesterday and today:

Yeah, it’s un-American to not get that $500 billion that Eric can practically taste, you can hear his desperation; “This is how I become a billionaire,” “this is how I get mine and break from dad when Dad gives me a bunch.” That type of thing.

Guess what? Others noticed how absurd Eric’s tweets generally can be and are jumping on “poor” Eric (these were from yesterday):

Lobotomies are no longer indicated for much of anything. Eric is lucky that they did evidence-based studies on those procedures, or he might’ve been first in line. His father doesn’t like overweight people (besides himself), and Eric went through a rough stage. No, I am not body shaming him. I am shaming him as his dad would have.

Yep, that is exactly what is happening here. He is already counting his monies!

If anyone has not seen the above video, done by BYU theatre (I know, I know) look it up on YouTube. It is hilarious.

This is absolutely beautiful:

Eric Trump, always worth checking-in upon, and always worth recording, because Eric doesn’t age well at all, nor will this administration nor this period. But let’s get it as accurate as possible.


Peace, y’all


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