Horrific Sign: Trump Is Bored With This ‘War’ and Wants to Move on Already

For one precious week, Trump signaled that he “got it,” that this was going to be extremely bad, and that he better damned well begin heeding the advice of people like Dr. Fauci. And so he did. He wanted things closed up (though he has no power to do much of anything, that’s a governor and mayoral decision). He got a bill passed that protects his precious hotels – ensuring that this isn’t going to hurt him financially, indeed he’s going to make a damned fortune off this fcker.

So now it’s time to turn back to the election, his other big concern. But he can’t turn back to the election while being a stupid “wartime” president, hidden away in the White House. It is time for that to be over with. Donald Trump is bored, according to a brilliant and long article in The Daily Beast:

Trump has a short attention span, so this was predictable. It’s hard to imagine him committing to a long-term strategic approach that involves asking Americans to sacrifice, particularly if it involves harming the economy as the election draws nearer. This is no small consideration. According to experts, the unemployment rate could be 30 percent, and U.S. GDP could “shrink a record 30 percent in the second quarter.”

That would damned well wake most people up. But not necessarily this one, especially given that his money is protected. With his money protected, Trump goes back to his other biggest priority, getting reelected. But getting reelected depends (in his mind) on people’s financial health not their physical health. At least in his mind.


Trump is also highly susceptible to the whims of certain conservative opinion leaders. A week ago, he came to embrace a more robust containment approach, presumably at the urging of Fox News host Tucker Carlson. But in recent days, other conservative influencers have started pushing the opposite direction.

We just reported in the last few days, Hobby Lobby isn’t closing, Liberty University isn’t closing, and The Wall Street Journal wants to know how many deaths equate to 1,000 point drops in the Dow.

A guy who is so often prone to fits of boredom might find it far more exciting to regenerate an adrenaline rush from time to time, which would be the single most dangerous approach, as described below:

But the worst scenario—the lose-lose scenario that I fear Trump might be sucked into—is an “epidemic yoyo” scenario. This would involve implementing extreme social distancing just long enough to damage the economy, then caving to the pressure to send millions of Americans back into the workforce—to become infected and exponentially spread the virus.

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It just goes to show how well and truly fkt a country can be when electing a man infamous for never “completing” anything, He likes to “make” deals, but not continue to work the job. It is a con, so there’s not point in working to ensure they become good deals. If all goes wrong, he can declare bankruptcy, and start over.

It would appear that we’re in real danger that he might be tempted into the same pattern here, starts and fits, to keep his attention, and adrenaline, flowing.


Peace, y’all


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