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Kellyanne Punishes Asian Reporter Addressing ‘Kung Flu’ With Two Angry Answers — Then Whines as If She’s a Victim

There is only one person in the White House more irretrievably evil and shameless than Kellyanne Conway. Conway is willing to say anything demanded by the Trump administration, no matter how outrageous the lie (the “Bowling Green Massacre?”), while also following the example set by the top, attacking any reporter asking a question that might be tough to answer.

It is not news that she will beat up on a reporter.

It is news that she will do it while addressing a disease that will kill thousands of Americans, combined with her penchant for being unrepentant about the racism coming out of the White House.

To begin, Kellyanne was asked about this:

Weijia Jiang, in the presence of another reporter as a witness, simply asked Kellyanne if such “jokes” were appropriate. The obvious answer and answer befitting the White House is “No, and a directive has gone out to not use the term again.” So simple. And it ought to be truthful.

But Kellyanne wouldn’t do it.

According to Crook and Liars, Kellyanne first deflected a bit (of course), and then said she wasn’t going to engage in “hypotheticals.”

The question was not a “hypothetical.” Kellyanne then unleashed the punishment that reporters get for asking this administration tough question:

CONWAY: Weijia, who was it? Tell us!

JIANG: I think you understand how these conversations go.

CONWAY: No, I don’t know how these conversations go, and that is highly offensive so you should tell us all who it is.

Reporters must have access to do their job, and it is possible that burning this source of the quote will shut off critical access Jiang needs to keep her job. Kellyanne understands the dynamic, which is why she demanded to know – because “who” it was is irrelevant. Jiang only asked Kellyanne if it was appropriate.

Then, weirdly, Kellyanne admits that calling it kung flu to the reporter is highly offensive. So why did Conway not just admit it is not appropriate when first asked? Because Conway wanted to hedge and wanted to punish Jiang for asking the question.

As if all that isn’t bad enough, Kellyanne then went full victim and whined: “You guys are shouting at me while I’m trying to help America.” Poor girl. Kellyanne is the victim, not the Asian reporter enduring the “highly offensive” term.

It is not “helping America” when the administration calls the Covid-19 virus the Chinese virus, and Kung flu. It is only an attempt to divert blame away from Trump. In other words, she’s trying to help Trump, not the nation.


Peace, y’all


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