Laura Ingraham Says Trump Is Smarter Than The ‘Scientists and Academics’

Laura Ingraham is routinely tossing her hat into the competition for the world’s worst woman. The trouble is that Ann Coulter and Kellyanne Conway continue to pound their drum, creating a veritable zoo break of top crazy women.

But Laura Ingraham was both stupid and highly dangerous in her last outrageous statement, a terrible combination that is getting far more prevalent in Right-wingers.

This is jaw-dropping:

Our physicians are already using it in our major hospitals for COVID patients,” Ingraham said. “They also used it successfully in some cases against SARS which had a higher mortality rate. The president, as usual, has sharp instincts. He sees things that sometimes the intellectuals and the academics, they might get lost in some of the details, but he has sharp instincts about things, and he’s pushing to get millions of doses now into the United States.”

Are you fucking kidding me? (sorry.)

We will just pick out one guy from the entire pack of elite scientists working on this problem to focus upon, Dr. Fauci. Dr. Fauci is 79 years old. He did not become a doctor at age 70 after a long career as an accountant. He has been fighting viruses and infectious disease for probably about 50-54 years.

But Trump is going to pick up by instinct something that “got by” Dr. Fauci? Seriously, other than Kudlow’s statement that the virus will be good for the U.S. economy (which will forever be remembered as the dumbest statement ever uttered), other than that one, you’d be very hard-pressed to find a dumber statement.

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And it’s dangerous. Because Trump clearly wants to get that drug going now. He doesn’t particularly care if it works. He needs it to appear to work so that the nation believes that he is fighting this disease successfully, and thus the markets and his approval ratings will shoot up.

Trump knows that if the markets stay down and the virus continues to stamp out public life and the economy in this country right up through November, he is done as president and will leave as a very hated man listed as worst president ever. But if the scientists, economists, and public health officials find ways to vastly improve our situation, fast, then Trump becomes almost unbeatable, even with all his stupid statements that became obvious lies.

Because of the stakes, the right is trying to drum up a movement demanding that the drugs be released now. If enough people truly believe that the two medicines do represent a “cure,” then Trump has far more latitude to simply order the FDA to announce that the dual use is accepted treatment. Period.

Yes, yes, someone will probably go to court and try to get an injunction because such an order would likely violate about forty laws. But they will be trying to convince a judge to halt all treatment as the case is litigated, while the government will be saying that an injunction very much hurts the nation. Guess who wins that argument? No judge wants to be “that one.”

It is clear what they are trying to do. Laura Ingraham had the assignment on that night and managed to argue it with the stupidest reasoning. She did not say “people who are on the edge of death need some treatment even if it doesn’t work. If it possibly could work, it should be tried. So many people are dying.”

That may not be a winning argument, but it’s not a stupid one.

It sounds convincing, until you realize that Dr. Fauci has seen tons of medicines that should be “given on the edge of death to try something” that then become the direct cause of death. Only large detailed double-blind studies establish if it helps, hurts, or is useless.

Ingraham went with the argument that she trusts Trump’s sharp instincts over an “academic” like Fauci.

I could write 900 more words about the stupidity, and the danger, but you get it and you’re already banging your face against a wall.


Peace, y’all


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