Lou Dobbs: Trump Is Right About Hydroxychloroquine Because He’s President and Scientists Aren’t

Ha! We have another one! Laura Ingraham said last week that the nation should trust Trump’s “instincts” over the academics (another word for people who have studied and know what they’re talking about) and “scientists” (same thing, except often contradicts Bible).

Now we have Lou Dobbs, the proud son of Rupert, Idaho, located 40 miles from the house in which I grew up, and the place in which we won not one, but two, little league titles as I grew up. Lou has some “Idaho wisdom” he would like to share:

From Crooks and Liars, we have Dobbs’ in-depth analysis and studied argument:

On Monday’s Lou Dobbs Tonight, the Trump lovin’ host proclaimed that Trump was right and Dr. Fauci was wrong. His “proof”? A single Laura Ingraham guest saying he was cured because of HER medical advice.

And then the man who told you that we have weekends because of Donald Trump (it’s actually because of unions, but that’s another column) said:

“Yes. It’s absolutely not true. And furthermore, the president has been exactly right about those two drugs – Hydroxychloroquine – it’s just amazing,”

“Hydroxychloroquine – it’s just amazing. And that is now being prescribed, it now holds great hope.”

And this is the part that brings me almost to violence:

“And the president was right and frankly Fauci was wrong. Because he said the president is speaking as a layman. No, he’s speaking as the President of the United States whose responsibility is for the lives and safety of millions of Americans. Whose actions by this president, you know, depend.

Right, which is why we STILL are behind in testing which allowed the virus to slip in the door. I cannot believe a grown man can act like such a teenage girl in love with the football star like he does.

Lou, – this is one man that the drug saved. You might want to ask about the man who died from the drug, who might disagree if he were here to tell you, and his wife in intensive care.

Turns out, that yes, Trump is “responsible” for the lives of Americans – until he’s not, and Trump will tell you when he’s not responsible. A “responsible” American would listen to the responsible experts to save lives.

The drug saved one life, and needlessly took another (the man wasn’t sick enough).

Disgusting, and the shame of Rupert Idaho. I’m so glad we kicked your team’s asses … same in high school, too.


Peace, y’all


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