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Trump’s Bible Study Teacher Says Coronavirus was Caused by Gays and China

Check this group out, do you wanna do anything with this crowd? Never mind study something:

Pompeo, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, and Health Secretary Alex Azar (who, along with Carson, are members of the coronavirus task force), along with 52 GOP lawmakers.

Those nice intelligent folks are the White House and cabinet bible-study group, taught by Ralph Drollinger. The great and indefatigable folks at Rawstory [1] are ready to tell you about Ralph.

“Relative to the coronavirus pandemic crisis, this is not God’s abandonment wrath nor His cataclysmic wrath, rather it is sowing and reaping wrath,” Drollinger wrote in a series of posts. “A biblically astute evaluation of the situation strongly suggests that America and other countries of the world are reaping what China has sown due to their leaders’ recklessness and lack of candor and transparency.”

Wait wait wait. That sounds a lot like it’s only because China has a lack of candor and transparency. (How can a guy say that with a straight face in the same building in which … Never mind.)

He does get around to our issues as Americans and you won’t believe who – according to Drollinger – is to blame, and it is not Christian fundamentalists who voted for a guy who lacks candor and transparency:

As The Intercept points out, Drollinger also railed against the “religion of environmentalism” and people who express a “proclivity toward lesbianism and homosexuality,” who he claims have  infiltrated “high positions in our government, our educational system, our media and our entertainment industry” and “are largely responsible for God’s consequential wrath on our nation.”

Look, say what one wants about religions, but environmentalism IS in your religion, “brother,” where you were to take care of the Earth. Regardless, it is just fine – very easy – to care deeply about environmentalism and be very religious, it just sometimes slams against your capitalist side, which is your religion, bro.

It gets so tiresome hearing these people wailing about modernity, and issues in our “education system,” then they are the first in line – indeed shoving little old ladies out of line – to get the vaccine created by those academics, gays, and liberals.


Peace, y’all


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