Meghan McCain Predicts Trump Will Boot Pence from Ticket and For the STUPIDEST Reason Ever

Every once in a while Meghan McCain says something worth considering, not often – just “once in a while.” Today she hit upon a subject that I suspect we all find interesting; when Trump might boot Pence from the ticket and why. McCain thinks that Pence’s days are numbered, but not because he’s thoroughly incompetent – as demonstrated by his abject failure in running the coronavirus response, no, it’s because Pence doesn’t have the right look going into the fall.

Let Rawstory give you the transcript rundown:

But if Biden picks a woman, Meghan McCain thinks Trump will go tit-for-tat and fire Vice President Mike Pence.

“I still think, though, if he chooses a woman, Trump is going to kick Pence out and put in Nikki Haley,” she said. “Because I think they’re going to go toe-for-toe. Like you want to identity politics me, I’ll identity politics you. I think they’re gangster.”

What the fck is Meghan talking about?

Could it possibly be that Meghan thinks that the only possible reason for Biden to include a woman on the ticket is some waive to “identity politics?” Does she not even think it is possible that Kamala Harris might just be the best running mate without regard to gender, that Harris is just so full of badassery that it wouldn’t matter if she was an alien? Is it impossible to believe that if someone is going to be president, that person might want to have Elizabeth Warren standing in the Oval Office with you, letting you borrow 250 of her I.Q. points while she gets by on the 300 remaining?

Why can’t Biden name a VP on “merit”? Why can’t Joe approach Trump and say “My VP candidate is simply a better person, more able to takeover as president than yours, and no one refer to gender?

To Meghan McCain, this is an entirely foreign concept, and I suppose that makes sense given that her father recruited a talking Barbie Doll from Alaska as a nod to “identity politics.”

But, McCain is correct, Trump is likely to dump Pence from the ticket, he will need to blame the coronavirus debacle on someone, and need something with which to energize the campaign. I also know the exact date that I believe Trump will replace Pence (possibly to name Ivanka as his running mate). Trump will dump Pence and announce Ivanka (or Nikki Hailey) as his running mate on the night of the Democratic Convention acceptance speech at the convention.

Book it.


Peace, y’all


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