Melania Trump Gets Dragged After Telling People Not to Believe Coronavirus ‘Rumors’

Where is Melania Trump?

During an international pandemic, you would think the “First Lady” would be front and center easing the worries and concerns of Americans. But alas, Melania is nowhere to be found.

She did get a coronavirus test though, and luckily it was negative.

According to the White House, Melania and her husband took the test at the same time, though her husband’s results were announced last week.

At a press conference a few days ago, it was announced Melania also tested negative.

However, it begged the question — why was the first lady tested at all?

Currently, the CDC and other health care experts have stressed the urgency of not assuming you’re not sick, given that many asymptomatic people have further spread the disease because they appeared to be perfectly healthy. In that case, perhaps Melania was tested from exposure to government officials she’s had regular contact with who tested positive, though none were reportedly in contact with her directly. It still remains to be seen who in the White House or other places Melania has been might have been infected.

Despite this, Trump refused to get a test until last week, despite being exposed to multiple carriers. And in the last week alone, recommendations for seeking out COVID-19 testing have changed due to continued shortages across the country. Celebrities and politicians have since come under fire for seemingly getting preferential testing done rather than remaining isolated or quarantined like many others with symptoms are instructed to do during this time.

Although Melania was not reportedly exposed to coronavirus or showing any symptoms, she was still given a test, during a time when they are hard to come by. The White House has not yet spoken about the shortage of tests and any preferred treatment being given to public figures, though it’s clear from the results and numerous reports of others seeking out testing that the shortage is continuing to plague even those with actual symptoms.

But, for now, Melania remains healthy and is doing the bare minimum to help Americans during unprecedented times of crisis. Following her own test, the first lady released a public service announcement about the coronavirus pandemic, promising that the social precautions we must take right now, like social distancing, is “not how we’ll live forever.”

She also sent a tweet on Wednesday warning Americans against misinformation about coronavirus.

Now, this would be a normal thing to do if her husband was anyone besides Donald Trump, who spews misinformation on a DAILY basis.

Melania tweeted, “It is important to stay informed & understand the facts about #COVID19. If you are unsure if information is accurate use the FEMA
Rumor Control website as a resource.”

Twitter was brutal in response:

Here is the FEMA rumor control website: https://www.fema.gov/coronavirus-rumor-control.

Another great resource is Craig Silverman at Buzzfeed. Craig does an outstanding job spotting fake news.


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