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Multiple Liberty University Students Sick With Coronavirus Symptoms After Falwell Reopened Campus

Nearly a dozen of students at Liberty University are sick with symptoms associated with the coronavirus, according to a university physician, after the private Christian university in Lynchburg Virginia welcomed back students and dismissed concerns about the virus.

President Jerry Falwell Jr. welcomed back students despite the growing concern of the coronavirus.

The New York Times reported Sunday that Falwell spoke to Dr. Thomas W. Eppes Jr., a university physician, who did not urge him to close the school.

Now nearly a half dozen students are reported sick with Covid-19 symptoms, and three were sent to a local hospital for testing, per the Times.

“As of Friday, Dr. Eppes said, nearly a dozen Liberty students were sick with symptoms that suggest Covid-19, the disease caused by the virus. Three were referred to local hospital centers for testing. Another eight were told to self-isolate,” The Times reported.

“Liberty will be notifying the community as deemed appropriate and required by law,” Falwell told the Times, adding that students returning to campus are required to self-quarantine for 14 days.

Falwell has previously dismissed concerns of the coronavirus and billed it as an attempt to hurt President Donald Trump politically.

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