Newt Gingrich Eviscerated for Saying that Nurses Will Stay Home for the Extra Cash on Unemployment

The women on The View take no prisoners when they hear pureed stupidity, making it one of the smartest shows on TV (IMO, and I know it’s not cool to say) especially when it’s Megan McCain delivering the stupidity. Though McCain has her moments when she can be brilliant. Today, they took on the latest fringe Republican talking point that when the stimulus bill grants people more money when fired than when they were working (an extra $600), and it will cause nurses and other hospital employees to go off the job to sit at home collecting unemployment. (Video below quotes)

If nurses had that mindset they damn well wouldn’t be nurses. But Newt Gingrich does have that mindset, caring more about money than any other worldly endeavor. Thus it is likely in his mind that he believes he would stay home in a similar situation – because money, that’s why. Says Newt:

“Sure. As a practical matter, you have to — as I understand it — there’s one part of this where you can make more money not working, That’s not a very good incentive.”

Up with that, Whoopi and Sunny would not put. Whoopi lit herself:

“That’s so disrespectful,”

If being disrespectful bothered Gingrich he wouldn’t have been named Newt, or gotten this far in life, and he parried back:

I think when you have a problem on the scale, you’re going to have some things that aren’t quite right and you might be able to go back and fix later … I think we’ll have to go back later and deal with this.

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Do you mean that next year, you’re going to tax poor people $1200, or $2400?

Sunny had heard enough:

“It just seems to me the suggestion that nurses who are on the front line are not going to work and sacrifice the way that they have because they’re going to be making a few hundred dollars more is ludicrous, but that’s just my opinion,”

But that’s because she’s human. Not fair, compared to Newt.

Goldberg nailed Newt against the wall:

It’s insulting! Lindsey Graham should be ashamed of himself to say something like that in the middle of all of this.

If Lindsey Graham was capable of shame he wouldn’t have gone from being so anti-Trump to lathering up Trump’s … to be fair, Graham might have had his choices very limited in this matter, if one knows what I mean.


Peace, y’all


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