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Paula White — Trump’s White House ‘Spiritual Adviser’ — Demands Cash for God to Fight Virus

Jesus Christ overturning TV studio tables, this woman …

No wonder Trump loves her so much (you know that he “knows” this woman in the Biblical sense, it’s just too obvious). She is always on the take, too. I wonder if Trump made a deal with her, they split her uptick in donations 50-50 as a condition for “elevating her” to “First Mistress God Grifter.” (That might have been a little harsh, but not as harsh as her.)

Yes, she needs money, but when she’s already demanded the power-bill money, I am not exactly sure what’s left for her to demand. Never mind. She will figure out what’s left.

Our friends at Rawstor [1]y do a great job introducing the shakedown, er – plan for salvation:

Pastor Paula White [2] used a Facebook prayer session as an opportunity to beg for money at a time when people are anxious about whether they’ll be able to survive the coronavirus, either medically or financially, The Friendly Atheist wrote for Patheos.

White, who’s a pastor of the “prosperity gospel [3],” begged for $91 as a “seed” [4] for her personal ministry.

She wants a “seed?”

Near as I can tell, she requires payment for serious pruning. Her “seed” has grown to an oak. She would gain a ton of credibility if she was promising to give that money away to the desperately poor, who need more than prayers to get by. Of course, as rich as she surely is, she considers herself as one who is desperately poor, who needs a lot more than prayers to get by.

This woman.

She notes that “churches do so much,” which is true, especially in her case. Her church, in particular, does so much business that I’m surprised she hasn’t gone public and sold stock – traded on the NY Stock exchange. It would be one of the stocks rising exponentially right now.

She claims her church does so much humanitarian good. We dispute that claim, as there’s little indication that she’s human, and she’s the only one getting the goods.

She claims that her work is vitally important because every day they are a hospital to the sick. Umm, she certainly is a little like the pharmaceutical companies that make expensive medications which create a sickness in need of expensive treatment. I have yet to find anyone she’s made healthier, certainly not economically.

Christians are not by nature awful people. Most are quite the opposite. This woman is not a Christian, she’s a charlatan. And if there was an official entity in charge of kicking out false Christians, she would have the first file.

I sure hope God is real, because this woman’s prosperity is most definitely limited. The moment she passes, some of those profits are going to get called-in, as “seeding” something else.


Peace, y’all


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