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Republican Governor Gets Owned for Bragging that State Has Tested ‘Nearly 17’ People for Coronavirus

As is becoming increasingly obvious, the “scandal” in the entire Coronavirus rollout into the United States is the lack of preparedness in testing for the virus. Just to cut-off the Republican excuses at the head, the virus didn’t wash over us without ample time to prepare tests in place. South Korea has already tested 140,000 people, even though it only has a population of 51 million people, or about one sixth as many as the United States. By that “math,” the United States could and perhaps should, have easily have tested close to 750,000 by now.

That has not happened. We in the United States have tested 1500.

The state of Missouri has over six million people, and a Republican governor who “bragged” on Twitter that everything is going great, the state has already tested “nearly 17” people for Coronavirus. Yes, here is Mike Parson to tell you how he’s on top of this:

Interesting choice of words and tone.

If communication is “critically important” when dealing with Corornavirus, shouldn’t we nail down if it was “totally 16 tests done” or “10 complete tests and seven that are almost done”? I realize we’re dealing with high volumes in a state with 6 million people (which would equate to about 15,000-20,000 tests on the South Korean scale), but this is critical – you told us!

Seriously, we need to face the fact that this country was – and still might be – caught flat footed with respect to the most fundamental step in controlling the virus, testing for it and getting real facts as to the breadth of the spread.

Heading up a state with 6 million people, bragging that you’ve tested “nearly” 17 people is a statement as to how anemic our response has been. Twitter noticed:

That hadn’t occurred to me.

“Nearly” is a tough word to define.

Here is the best summation:


The only appropriate words in that instance are: “We are frustrated that we’ve only been able to test 17 people … ” or “We are frustrated we’ve tested fewer than 20 people …”

But since he is a Republican governor, that might sound a little too much like criticism of “Leader” and so Parson won’t say that. He has to make it sound “nearly” perfect.


Peace, y’all


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