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Romney Continues to Infuriate Trump — Nails Investigation of Biden-Burisma Sham as ‘Political’

We on the left tend to be our own worst enemies sometimes. We get so lost in cynicism, declaring all Republicans to be the same, etc. etc. that we often look past someone who is actually working to improve things, becoming an important check on his own party. That’s right, we’re going to celebrate Mitt Romney, whose impeachment vote was not some “one-off.” He is in it for the long haul against Trump.

Mitt Romney called out Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin and Trump Tower) and the attempt to hold hearings on the Biden and Burisma “issue.” As you all know, Ukraine’s then prosecutor, Victor Shokin, was a hopelessly corrupt placeholder for the Russian-Ukrainian oligarchs. His ouster was demanded by every strong democratic country in NATO and Eastern Asia. Biden was doing the West’s work, and the administration’s work. It had nothing to do with protecting his son, indeed one of the problems was that Shokin wouldn’t investigate Burisma.

It would be a purely political endeavor.

Mitt Romney says that people are sick of investigation hearings primarily formed to further a political agenda, Link here:

“There’s no question but the appearance of looking at Burisma appears political,” he said. “And I think people are tired of these kind of political investigations.

Let us put it this way, if there was anything inappropriate about Biden’s actions with respect to Ukraine, Trump should have had the FBI investigating, and not begging the Ukrainian president to “announce” that he was launching an investigation into Biden and Burisma (announce is the key word in that sentence since the announcement mattered more than the investigation, which should also tell us something.)

“We also have a lot of work to do on matters that are not related to Burisma,” he said. “We probably ought to focus on those things.”

Good idea. Trump will have plenty of people looking into opposition research on Biden, and I’m sure he’ll get whatever is out there. There is no need for a senate hearing.

It would have been much easier for Romney to begin to work himself back into the good graces of the Republican party by stating that there was nothing inherently political about an investigation and since it is someone campaigning for president … he could’ve waived the question away, with a “it’s not a big deal.”

He did not.

Additionally, not only does Romney know that he’s going to incur Trump’s wrath, he also has to know that this is going to infuriate Graham and McConnell. Their job is to do what Trump wants, and they will see this as both a personal and political failure.

So Mitt Romney deserves some respect. We can save our cynicism for something else on another day. For today, we probably ought to just applaud his efforts to restrain the hyper-partisanship.


Peace, y’all


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