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Sen. Cruz Interacted With CPAC Attendee Who Tested Positive for Coronavirus — Will Quarantine Himself

For the next few months we will begin many pieces by noting that the video of the Republicans calling the virus a “hoax,” and the shrieking about it being a Democratic plot to send the markets spiraling, it is all still out there. The video is as fresh today as it was just over a week ago, when CPAC met in Washington DC, and all the conservative big-wigs got together to laugh and shake hands, with at least one attendee carrying the coronavirus.

Ted Cruz went to CPAC, and Ted Cruz shook the hand of the attendee who was carrying the coronavirus. (We certainly wish the person well, whoever is carrying the virus). Someone informed Ted Cruz of the situation, and let’s just say that, though Ted Cruz is not showing any symptoms of the disease, he is self-quarantining himself in Texas, not going back to Washington this evening. Details by Rawstory:

The incubation period for coronavirus is around five days, and it has been ten days, said Fox News reporter Chad Pergram. So, Cruz doesn’t believe he has the disease but said that “out of an abundance of caution, and because of how frequently I interact with my constituents..I have decided to remain at my home in Texas this week, until a full 14 days have passed since the CPAC interaction.

We are not making fun of Ted Cruz. We don’t want him getting sick, and we applaud him treating the situation and the virus with respect. At least he has the opportunity to stay at home in Texas. A waitress from Plano might not have the ability to stay home “out of an abundance of caution” and still pay rent.

We will – often – note the horrendous immaturity and short-sightedness shown at CPAC. They attempted to bat away the inconveniences brought about by the virus in the exact same way they batted away Ukraine. They mocked it, said it was overblown, “fake news,” and blamed both the Democrats and the media. Now that people are really getting sick and dying, the mocking tone is gone. The CPAC folks were like kids, laughing while running on slippery cement while adults yelled to slow down. Only when they see another kid fall and cry do they quietly listen to the adults.

Ironically, with respect to the coronavirus, the adults haven’t had to change a thing about what they’ve said all along. It is just that way when someone has the maturity to respect facts, science, and the unknowns.


Peace, y’all


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