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The Daily Show Takes On Trump’s Dementia in the Way Only They Can

One of the most notorious aspects of the Right is their use of any means to ridicule the left, and copy of the left’s ridicule of the right. Try any tweet thread some time and it won’t be long before you run into “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” which remarkably enough – as you know – was a term that began under the Obama administration to describe those who seemed to live and die all things Obama outrage.

Thus it was that you knew that the Right – having seen so many embarrassing senior moments when Grandpa’s brain had left the building a little early – would go right at Joe Biden for the exact same thing.

In my mind, there is one critical difference between the two men and the two approaches. One can go back 20 years and find clips of Trump where he is just as atrocious, angry, and uneducated, but he could put a sentence together, he had some inflection in his words and maybe even some sense of irony, he could even sorta laugh at himself. Put video of Biden out from 20 years ago and you see the same person, prone to gaffes like no politician before – or perhaps after – sticking his foot in his mouth time and again. If anything, Biden looks more stilted now because he knows he’s got this, and only gigantic f-up could blow it now.

Regardless of the obvious differences, you know that the geniuses that run Fox News will continue to pound away at the gaffe-prone Biden day after day because that is what Russian propagandists do. They gain two benefits. The pieces makes their guy’s faults less “serious,” and more importantly, maybe the Right looks at Joe as not quite as attractive as “the guy they know.”

The Daily Show took Fox News to task for being so blatantly hypocritical, and the results were outstanding:

A couple of the responses to the video hit it right on the head.


Peace, y’all


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