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The MOST Hypocritical Eric Trump Video Ever: He Is Sick of Our ‘Immoral Society’

Eric Trump is sick of living in a society with no moral values! He is absolutely shocked and extremely angry about the fact that a CNN anchor called dad (“Dear Leader,” for those of you who’ve never heard of “Eric Trump”), called Donald Trump a “Piece of shh … a POS!” And that is just not done in the Trump family. The video will, however, show you how it is done in the Trump family.

I have seen a lot of Eric Trump video, but I have never seen him this angry, and never seen a better mash-up response.

Well, that is certainly one way to do it.

But with Eric, it is important to Google things up a bit and find some examples of “moral” behavior that all of us can live by, in case anyone is confused as to what morals we are supposed to follow. He is a Trump son, after all.

Did anyone here know that Eric Trump had a bachelor party? One that occurred in Iceland? Almost like Eric picked a spot on the map and figured “No way will anyone ever find out what happened there!”

Well, he screwed up that part, too, even though most of us would be able to pull off a completely anonymous party in Iceland.

Some people did find out “what happened there” because he caused quite a stir. It sounds just like we would expect for a Trump bachelor party – hookers, cocaine, and a trashed place. It could actually be a good analogy as to what dad is doing to the nation.

Now, some of this is being reported on hearsay but it is coming directly from Iceland, and they did note that Eric took the Trump jet there. Anyway:

According to a translation by Iceland Review, the entrepreneur said, “I later heard that they invited 15 Icelandic girls to go out with them for dinner and drinks at a restaurant and paid each one 15 thousand Icelandic krónur (around USD 120) just for joining them. Those that were ‘most fun’, whatever that means, would get to go on a glacier trip,”.

So, you know where this is going, right?

“Then I met him partying downtown that night and mentioned that he had been on the news in Iceland. Then he becomes ice cold and orders all his team to go to the apartment right away that they had to return to the States right away. The reason was that his then fiancée, now wife, had no knowledge of this bachelor’s trip to Iceland. Within an hour from hearing that they were on the news in Iceland they had left on his father’s private plane from Reykjavík Airport.

There was some white powder all around the apartment, someone had p..ed into the bathtub, broken the dining table and leaving the whole place in shambles. The did leave a lot of booze, which was rather popular [with me],” he said.

Sounds like Eric, thoroughly debauched, full of entitled idiocy, secret, and a total failure all at the same time. Though, it must be said, all the Trumps get one or two practice runs at Bachelor parties. They keep trading in mothers of their children to get newer “models” so to speak.

Jesus, these people.

“Immoral society …”


Peace, y’all


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