Trump Campaign is Suing to Get This Ad Removed — Even Though the Ad Uses His Own Words

A repetitive theme here over the last month or so is that the video lives even longer than it used to. The ones and zeros that hold your favorite pictures of daughters that used to be two and are now twelve, hold video of Trump’s voice and video from the last two months even better. Indeed, the video will be studied for centuries, putting palms to faces, having people wonder how their forefathers could be so stupid.

But for our purposes, we warned that the video he was making last month would come back to haunt him. He and his campaign didn’t see it coming. The campaign is threatening legal action against an ad that uses Trump’s voice, and a tiny bit of video of him. That’s it, along with some pretty damned compelling numbers. That’s all that makes up the ad. It is sending them into shivers.

Well, we can certainly see why they don’t want it played, and according to Rawstory:

And yet, the Trump campaign are trying to block people from hearing the president’s own words on the coronavirus with a cease and desist order to Priorities USA.

“The Trump campaign is trying to bully TV stations into taking our ad down,” said Josh Schwerin, communications strategist at the org. “They are not going to be successful because it is literally Trump in his own words. Let’s make sure as many people as possible see this ad.”

And you and I said it every step of the way. He’s going to regret this. Indeed, that trip he took to the CDC, with the “I like this” might be what ends his dream of a second term. Instead of listening to the physicians and virologists, and looking very grim, he’s talking about “liking this,” and maybe “he” (it’s always about him), maybe “he” should have gone into it, after all – “no one can believe that he gets it.”

No one could believe he’d be anything more than the assistant manager at the produce section, were it not for being born rich.

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It sums up everything one needs to be known about the man. Unserious, caught up in himself, and recklessly incompetent. Americans will understand that anyone can be president when one need only sign things prepared for him or her, appoint some judges, and bang on the other party. Americans will also understand that when a real crisis hits, one needs a real president.

Trump’s ad team wants to block this as fast as possible, not because it shows who he “is,” we all knew who he is. It shows who he is not. He is not a “real president” that can be trusted, especially when that is the only kind we need.


Peace, y’all


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