Trump Claims He Picked Easter Sunday to End Lockdowns Because it’s a ‘Beautiful Day’

The White House coronavirus task force is holding another press briefing tonight, after a virtual town hall on Fox News this afternoon.

Thousands of people across the country have tested positive for coronavirus and governors from California to New York requesting everything from more masks to hospital beds.

During that aforementioned town hall, the president offered Easter as a potential target date for when national guidelines could be relaxed and the country could get back to work, despite the ongoing health concerns. Even Dr. Oz questioned the president on that timeline.

Trump opened the presser by whining that it’s been a busy day. To Trump, this means being on an hour-long Fox News town hall and tweeting nonstop.

Trump then bragged about the stock market going up today…but suspiciously left out the fact that it has dropped over 10,000 points under his watch.

Trump then got weird and talked about how much he loved Larry Kudlow’s voice:

Trump was then asked what data he had for choosing Easter, April 12th, for opening the economy and he said he chose the day because it’s a “beautiful day.”

Luckily Dr. Fauci was there to give some facts, and said the Easter date is “flexible.”


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