Trump Continues to Talk About Lifting Restrictions Right as WHO Says U.S. to Become Epicenter of the Disease

Today Trump said that he wants the country “opened up” by Easter and he’s started to play down the dangers of the coronavirus pandemic and doing it all while experts warned that things may well get worse, much worse. But the market is up 9% today – primarily because the Senate deal looks near-complete, not anything Trump has done. But you know that Trump is going to take credit for it, and want more, and more and … it’s got Trump taking some extra Adderall today.

Yeah, except according to the Washington Post, a World Health Organization official said that the United States has the potential to become the new epicenter of the global crisis.

So while Trump is talking about the resurrection about to happen (because he’s like Jesus, only with better hair), the WHO doesn’t seem to be persuaded that the United States is out of the danger zone, yet. Who could have foreseen this coming?

The rate of infection in New York — the pandemic’s epicenter in the United States — is doubling every three days, with confirmed cases topping 25,000. More than 50,000 cases have been confirmed nationwide.

Doubling every three days? Just a bit before Trump unleashes the restrictions? Doesn’t sound like a prescription that one would take, unless someone was only concerned about their portfolio, and not over 18.

I am not the only one who has noticed:

And it’s not just New York:

I had to go into our small little town yesterday, as some might have read. I expected it to be like a ghost town. Just a few take-outs, pharmacies open.

Nope. You couldn’t tell anything was going on.

This is Fox News country. It’s all about Trump, God, and “it’s the New Yorkers” which is what will save them.

It is going to hit here very very hard, and they will not see it coming. They have had months to prepare, and they are still not prepared. I was the only one in the pharmacy wearing a mask (it’s one from Japan, a cloth one my daughter wears to be like anime characters). No one else, including pharmacists.

There is no reason that the United States – with our president – will not be the epicenter of the world very soon.


Peace, y’all


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