Trump Didn’t Get Enough Praise at Fox Town Hall So He’s Holding Another COVID-19 Rally Tonight

Donald Trump has been talking about “reopening” the country soon over the serious economic hurt throughout the country, but of course those concerns need to be balanced out by the public health and safety concerns.

Today the president set Easter as a target date to ease social distancing guidelines and get the country back to work.

But Dr. Mehmet Oz actually questioned the president on whether that’s really a good idea:

“A good surgeon knows after the surgery when his patient can be discharged, and these 15 days are like a big operation on America. But a great surgeon knows when there’s a complication after discharge, so if we can meet the goal of fixing America and getting it back on its feet by Easter, I’d love to know exactly how you’d know that is safe from a medical perspective. What’s gonna indicate that we might have to pull back a tiny bit in case we have a relapse?”

Trump conceded “a thing like that could happen” but expressed optimism they could still do what they’re doing “from a work environment instead of an environment where everybody’s locked up.”

He said it may take a greater toll on people if shutdowns continue, alluding to his previous comments claiming claiming there could be “suicide by the thousands.”

And I guess Trump didn’t get all the love and adulation he wanted at the town hall, so he decided to schedule another daily press conference for 5:30pm. These press conferences have become de facto Trump rallies, since the president can’t hold rallies during the coronavirus pandemic.

Twitter had some thoughts:


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