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Trump Explodes at NBC Reporter for Asking Reasonable Question — After NBC News Employee Dies of Coronavirus

Peter Alexander of NBC and MSNBC asked the biggest damned softball question ever lobbed in the White House press room.

He asked: “What do you say to Americans that are scared?”

Trump went off! He was half screaming at Alexander, who asked the most obvious damned question out there.

Here is the 3-year old’s answer:

Please to be soooo fcking off now!

That is a question that any leader would cherish! That is such a damned easy answer, one that lets a leader look great! Let me give the thirty-second answer off the top of my pointed head, and I’m not 10% qualified to be the president of Taco Bell.

My message to Americans who are scared is that it is natural and healthy to be somewhat scared. I understand. A small degree of fear is appropriate and can help motivate people to be as vigilant as possible in following the guidelines and protecting themselves from the disease. 

But deep fear is not warranted. Americans are at their absolute best when they are all faced with a challenge and they need to help each other. You have my word that this entire government, Democrats and Republicans, are dedicated to keeping Americans as safe as possible. 

This government is going on a war footing to start producing ventilators, tent hospitals, whatever is needed to produce what is needed to keep people safe. We will be changing laws, emphasizing producing more medicines and allowing people to be treated as much as possible at home. We will also be distributing money directly to the American people.

The United States has the most sophisticated and best medical professionals in the world, and they have never been more committed. If you get sick, you are lucky that it will be Americans caring for you.

So, some fear is natural and can be good. But I challenge all Americans to take some of that fear and turn it into commitment and belief in the people around you. When you do that, we are the strongest nation in history. And know this, I pledge that I will not rest until we’re through this. I will work every hour of every day to do everything in my power to help keep this country safe. I believe in America.

I pulled that answer out of my ass over one minute. Imagine what Obama could have done. Imagine even what George W. Bush could have done! If Trump had given my stupid answer (never mind the good one that Obama or Bush could give) it would run in a loop in the news loop for 48 hours, and people would believe they’re led by someone who cares and is on the ball.

But this president simply can’t do it. Because he’s a child. He took the softest of softballs, swung hard, and hit himself right in the face with the bat.


It is also a dangerous attack on the press.

And remember, a NBC News employee has died of the virus so this hits close to home for NBC News employees, such as Alexander.


Peace, y’all


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