Trump Has the Audacity to Criticize Gov. Cuomo for Not Buying Ventilators in 2015 When Trump Didn’t Buy Tests in 2020

This is perhaps one of the most offensive statements, coming out of an offensive press conference, taking place during an offensive week. This looks to be the week when – because Republicans are in charge again – the economy will replace public health as the number one factor, indeed in some ways, the only factor, in decision-making from here on out.

No, Glenn, you must post this because the truth must always win out. This is infuriating, and typical Trump. New York is being hit the absolute hardest, and has responded more effectively than just about any other place. Governor Cuomo has shown real leadership, and that might well be the problem. In many ways, Governor Cuomo is whom many turn to for actual leadership in this crisis and what needs to be done.

Trump cannot handle having people seeing Cuomo give these daily press conferences, which are widely applauded as both informative and reassuring – all while looking both competent and caring. Trump must be seething.

Trump might be seething enough to throw an unwarranted slap at New York (A blue state. Notice all slaps go at blue state governors “who say very mean things to me.”). I don’t know New York’s 2015 situation with ventilators, or whether they had a chance to order more, and should have. I do know that Trump is the last person on earth to be criticizing someone for not ordering something that can save people. According to the Guardian:

Perhaps Trump’s greatest blunder was turning down the offer of a German-made diagnostic test approved by the World Health Organization and taken up by many countries. The US government’s own painfully slow progress led to a nationwide shortage of test kits at the most critical moment. It was reported that just 11,000 tests have been conducted in America so far, whereas South Korea is carrying out 10,000 tests per day.

Trump “failed to order” critical tests that might have made it such that New York may not have needed so many ICU ventilators.

I don’t know the situation in New York to which Trump referred, but Trump needs to stop placing blame upon everyone else while both demanding praise for his “sharp” calls, and denying all responsibility for anything else that might go wrong.


Peace, y’all


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