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Trump Congratulates Japan Over Cancellation of Olympics and Says He’ll Be There in 2021 — Social Media Disagrees

Certainly, Japan had little choice. There would be no greater way to spread the disease than to have the world’s most elite young athletes, in top fitness, all housed in small villages where lots of socializing and …intimacy happens, along with crowds at every venue, all to hold games in which some would get sick at the games, while more importantly, take the disease back home to their home countries, which in some cases, might be quite small, and perhaps have had little exposure.

Thus it was today that Donald Trump congratulated Japan on deciding to postpone the games until 2020. Disappointing to everyone to be sure, but a safe and needed decision.

Well, yes, congratulations on the very wise decision, but you, Donald Trump, will not have time to attend, as – ideally, you will be far too worried about preparing your criminal defense at that point.

We are left to wonder how this Olympic decision could be the very wise decision it most certainly is, one getting congrats from Trump, one day after he said he wanted Easter –  19 days away – to be our “day of economic resurrection? When the Olympics weren’t until July!

The cognitive dissonance in this man never fails to amaze. It also shows the depth of cynicism in this man. He wants the stock market to go up, so he says open the economy by April – they won’t get fooled, but he thinks he can fool them. The stock market is going up because they just learned that the companies traded are getting billions of socialist dollars. (Modern American capitalism, privatize profit, socialize losses.) But Trump can fool his supporters.

I will make a prediction, for whatever it is worth. He will be talking about the “end” coming the entire time, it will always be about 3 weeks away until we hear that the nation’s apex is reached and we’re on the downslope.

But even as the nation is slowing down, there will be a lot of rural communities in this country that are almost always self-isolating as it is. As protections around the country start to slide off, look for infections to rear-up in rural areas which … tend to be stuffed with Olympic athletes. No, tend to have lots of Trump voters.

Twitter, of course, told Trump not to expect he’ll be attending the Olympics in 2021, at least not as president:


Peace, y’all


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