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Trump Storms Off From Presser After Getting Nasty and Mocking NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell

Donald Trump just held another daily press conference regarding the coronavirus, although there wasn’t really any new news today. Instead, Trump basically praised himself, and called others to the podium to praise him as well.

He did get into some scuffles with reporters, who were, thank goodness, calling Trump out on his many lies.

One of them was NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell, who was the reporter from NBC who is apparently replacing Peter Alexander who got into another scuffle with Trump yesterday.

O’Donnell first asked about the Defense Production Act, and why isn’t wasn’t implemented, and why supplies weren’t getting to hospitals.

Trump also got nasty with O’Donnell and told her to “be quiet” during the presser when another reporter was asking a question. Lots of reporters are shouting out questions, but O’Donnell was the only one Trump lashed out at.

Then towards the end of the presser, Trump got nasty with O’Donnell again, this time mocking her and saying she was an “intelligent woman.”

Trump then stormed off, after saying he was headed to Capitol Hill to work on the stimulus package.

Mike Pence remained after Trump left, and took a few questions. When he left, he did turn to O’Donnell, and give his condolences for the NBC News employee who died earlier this week from coronavirus.