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Trump-Supporting, Paranoid, Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Charged With DUI After Domestic Disturbance

One of the America’s worst human beings, the man who said that the families of those babies killed at Sandy Hook were faking it in a false flag operation, and a hard core hard-right supporter of Donald Trump, was arrested last night for DWI after saying he had a “small amount of sake” in a Japanese restaurant. But Jones’ wife disputed the claim, by telling police that they had a domestic disturbance, and that Jones might have been drinking.

The Daily Beast has the facts here.

Of note, Jones’ wife says that the latter argument had been only verbal, but earlier in the day, the altercation between her and Jones had been physical.

The traffic stop reads like every DUI traffic stop a lawyer has ever read:

On the way to Jones’ home, a sheriff’s deputy saw a car matching the description of Jones’ car and pulled him over. Jones had a “strong odor of alcohol coming from his person,” according to the affidavit, and said he had drank a bottle of Sake earlier that night at dinner. The report describes Jones’ eyes as “water and glassy,” with “constricted pupils,” and adds that the host was “excited, talkative, and carefree.”

Unless you are a judge or lawyer, you’ll have little experience reading DUI affidavits, but they all list a “strong odor of alcohol,” “glassy eyes,” etc., mostly because the vast majority of people pulled over for DUI have been drinking to excess and such a person presents just this way.

Jones announced his arrest on a Tuesday episode of his show, claiming that he had blown under the legal limit of 0.08 Blood Alcohol Content. Jones recorded a 0.079 on the test, according to the affidavit, putting him one one-hundredth below the limit. Texas law, however, allows for a driver to be charged with a DWI even if they’re under the limit, if they’re considered to be impaired.

If the test had been given substantially after his last drink, the prosecution is also allowed to point out that Jones was likely above .08 while behind the wheel. Ultimately it doesn’t matter if he was swerving around the road, he was impaired enough so as to be charged.

It sounds like a pattern with him:

This isn’t the first time Jones has been linked to alcohol and driving. In a December New York Times story, a former InfoWars staffer described Jones driving while drinking out of a Dixie cup that had the “smell of vodka, like paint thinner” in 2016.

I generally try to stay away from wishing the worst upon people, but for a man who found the one and only way to make grieving parents’ lives worse, I have exactly no sympathy, and hope he gets the book thrown at him. I also want him to pay a very high price for his intentional abuse of the Sandy Hook parents.

There is a quality that links many of the Trump supporters, I can’t quite put my finger on it. It isn’t the drinking. No, it is some other quality, one that seems to run through all of them, something they all share. It will come to me.


Peace, y’all


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