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UFC Chief Says He Won’t Cancel Fights After ‘Consulting with Trump’

Sweet Jesus, we’re all going to die.

Despite the fact that the coronavirus has shut down the NBA, NHL, MLB, Disney, Broadway and the NC-F’ing-AA tournament, it is not going to shut down UFC, because CEO Dana White trusts Donald Trump over “safety.” After all, surely Trump has UFC’s best interests at heart.

It gets worse, according to Rawstory.  White decided to soldier on after speaking directly to Donald Trump about the problem.

“I talked to the President and the Vice President of the United States today about this and they’re taking this very serious and they’re saying ‘be cautious and be careful but live your life and stop panicking,’” he said.

“Live your life,” that is, unless you get coronavirus and die. Thus whatever time you have left best be lived very very quickly. I am not meaning to make fun of the very real dangers but what the hell is; “take this very serious, be cautious … live your life,” stuff? I suppose taking risks with one’s life comes much more naturally to people who sanction a sport where people literally get their head kicked-in as part of “losing.”

“Everybody is panicking and instead of panicking we’re actually getting out there and working with doctors and health officials and the government to figure out how to keep the sport safe and how we can continue to put on events.”

Irony alert!

How to keep the sport safe!! How about not determining winners by whose head is “closest to round” at the end of the fight?

And forget the fighters for a second (they certainly forget about their own health), what about the people in the stands, in particular the ones that don’t want to be there, the ushers, concessions, all that? What about the people who aren’t looking to have their neck stepped upon, or cheering when someone gets their neck stepped-upon?

Watch the video, and see if you don’t believe it possible that this man may well have been hit in the head a few too many times himself. None of which explains Trump but …

Peace, y’all


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