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Watch Kellyanne Conway Shamelessly and Without Apology Reverse from Virus Being Contained to Incredibly Dangerous Situation

One of my themes today is the damage Fox News wrought on this nation in its catastrophically dangerous reporting in the first months of the disaster. The Fox News audience isĀ stillĀ dangerously misinformed according to a new poll out today. In an attempt to shame Fox into never repeating this mistake, and not use each news story as a tool to protect or promote Trump, we are going to highlight Fox’s most humiliating reversals.

When it comes to someone humiliating themself, Kellyanne Conway will be in the Hall of Fame one day, when she hangs up her faux-smile and retires. Kellyanne is the administration’s point person when it comes to direct lies. Many CNN shows refuse to have her on, and I don’t believe MSNBC allows her on at all anymore, due to her incessant lies.

This might be part of the reason, here she is discussing how catastrophic the virus will be:

And yet do recall, that this is the woman who just a week ago told us that the virus was “contained.” One would think that it would have to be embarrassing to have been the person who promised the virus was “contained,” and now have to admit that though they might have had the virus contained, the incorrigible rascal got through and escaped.

The other thing about Kellyanne is that she can get quite angry (a lot like Trump in that respect) when confronted. Recall this exchange, from back when she was still insisting that they had this thing dialed-in and would rid the nation of it?

Well, welcome to reality Kellyanne. We know that you won’t be staying long, and we’re not particularly happy that you’re here with us, but at least you are no longer doing the damage you had done to the nation for weeks.


Peace, y’all


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