Watch Nasty Trump Refuse to Take Questions From CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, ‘I Didn’t Call on You!’

Donald Trump went out of his way to avoid taking questions from CNN’s Kaitlan Collins during today’s White House coronavirus task force briefing — opting instead to call on reporters from Fox News and Reuters twice, where he knew he would face easier questions.

Collins, who was sitting right smack-dab in the front row, tried several times to get Trump to recognize her and allow her to ask a question.

But Trump completely blew Collins off, and once even said to her, “I didn’t call on you!.”

Instead, he took questions from nearly every other reporter in the barely-populated room. And after going to them for the first two questions, Trump called on both John Roberts of Fox News and Steve Holland of Reuters a second time later in the session.

At one point, Collins interjected.

“Two questions for you, Mr. President,” she said.

“I didn’t call you,” Trump said. “I called this gentleman.”

Trump pointed to a reporter seated in the row behind Collins.

“Who are you with?” Trump asked.

“I’m with Bloomberg,” the reporter replied.

Trump just couldn’t let the moment pass without taking a shot at former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg — whom he repeatedly chided during his presidential run earlier this year.

“How’s Michael doing?” Trump said, grinning.

Collins tried at several other points to jump in, but was shut out. Trump then turned the briefing over to Mike Pence and left the room. As he walked out, the CNN correspondent began asking her question. But the president, with his back turned, did not acknowledge her.

Twitter noticed that Trump was dodging Collins, because he didn’t want to answer tough questions:


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